Standard COVID Conditions Phase (phase orange)

Employees must complete a daily COVID self-screening prior to reporting to work on campus. This screening does not need to be logged or turned in. If employees answer "no" to each question, no further action is necessary. If an employee answers "yes," then they must complete this COVID Reporting form.

Return to Work Scenarios

Gus at a computer with a mask practicing safe social distancingThe following Q&A is meant to help guide the process of COVID quarantine/isolation and time away from campus. Please contact Human Resources with any questions regarding your particular circumstances.
When do I need to complete the online COVID REPORTING FORM ?
  • If you are symptomatic or exposed to a confirmed COVID case
  • If you are diagnosed with COVID-19
What happens after I complete the online COVID reporting form?
  • You should contact a healthcare provider about being tested for COVID-19
  • You should stay at home and limit all exposure to others
  • You will be contacted within 24 hours from a campus liaison, who will work with you on any required 10- or 14-day quarantines (based on CDC guidelines at the time)
What if my doctor tells me I should not work right now?
  • Please work with Nicole Goebel, in Human Resources who will assist you with this individualized process.

COVID-19 Relief Leave

Given the continuing extraordinary circumstances we are experiencing, Gustavus Adolphus College has granted 80 hours of additional leave to faculty and staff employees who need additional time away due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the 2021 fiscal year. Employees requesting leave must complete this form and return it to Nicole Goebel in the Office of Human Resources.
How can it be used? 
  • Employee is symptomatic or diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Employee is exposed/potentially exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case (following CDC guidance for close-contact exposure and quarantine)
  • Employee has been told by a physician they are at-risk and unable to work (or employee lives with someone whose physician has recommended isolation/quarantine for all individuals in the household)
  • Employee needs to stay home to care for school-age dependent(s) who have neither school nor daycare
  • College facility is closed for cleaning and the employee cannot work
How to record COVID Relief Leave?
You must complete this form, and return it to Nicole Goebel in the Office of Human Resources. Non-exempt, hourly employees, should indicate ECC hours in their time reporting system once use of COVID Relief Leave is confirmed. 
COVID Relief Leave Details
  • Effective July 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021
  • Once the 80 hours of COVID Relief Leave has been exhausted, then normal leave plans will be implemented
  • Employees who have used PTO to quarantine prior to COVID-19 Relief Leave effective date will be able to recoup PTO/Vacation
  • All circumstances will be reviewed individually during this unique situation. Any situation involving an approved FMLA leave will be handled according to current Gustavus practices and policies; additionally, FMLA leave will run concurrently with any approved COVID-19 Relief Leave. 
What happens if I qualify for, and use all of my, COVID-19 Relief Leave?
  • The same College policies apply for any additional time off you may need, including policies related to personal time off and medical-related leaves of absence.
  • For example:
    • Exempt employees may qualify for Short-Term Disability.
    • Employees on an approved leave may use their accrued, but unused, vacation/PTO, following normal approval processes.
    • In some circumstances, employees may be approved for an unpaid leave of absence.

Office/Department COVID Work Plan

Offices/departments should continue to follow a COVID work plan that accounts for Gustavus employees, student employees, and visitors/vendors. Learn more about items offices/departments should discuss for their COVID work plan.

Can I work remotely?
Accommodations to work remotely will be considered on an individualized case-by-case basis, based on job duties and other business-needs factors (and the College will continue to follow State of Minnesota mandates related to work-from-home). 
Employees should work with their supervisor for any requests to work from home. 

Travel Expectations

  • An important element of minimizing infections at Gustavus is limiting travel to and from campus. Gustavus travel policies and guidance related to COVID-19 have been updated for academic year. The travel policies will continue to be reviewed and modified based on the status of the pandemic. The policies and guidance relates to the following ares: Employee/student personal travel; Faculty/staff college sponsored travel; College sponsored travel with or by Gustavus students; Study Away; International and domestic quarantine; Gustavus Motorpool; Local transportation; and protocols for on-campus program activities going off-campus. 
  • View the College travel policy and guidance for the 2020-2021 academic year.


Many signs have been designed for offices and departments to use to help convey COVID safety expectations. A list and image of all the signs may be viewed on the COVID signs page.