Dining Services

Safety Phase Orange - Fall Reopening

As the College adjusts to the new COVID safety measures, providing meals to students will be Dining Service's primary objective. The Dining Service is committed to continuing to provide a wide variety of meal options to meet students' dietary needs. Employees are encouraged to bring their food from home or avoid peak times. Dining locations will not be available for campus visitors. Dining Service areas will undergo significant modifications, with reduced seating capacities in dining locations, reinvented serving stations, and additional food to-go options.

Gus at a dining table eating without a mask

Market Place

  • Face coverings are required when not actively eating or drinking.
  • Directional arrows and stanchions will direct students via one-way traffic through the Market Place area.
  • A staff member will be monitoring the number of people in the Market Place during busy times.
  • There will be a reduction of reusable plates/silverware/glassware/mugs for take-out meals.
  • Condiment stations will be moved to the dining room to reduce congestion in the Market Place.

Evelyn Young Dining Room/Banquet Rooms Seating

  • Tables and chairs have been configured to three (3) people per table in long tables.
  • Banquet rooms will be used for additional seating Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • The lunch buffet typically served in the Three Crowns Room will not be utilized until capacity restrictions have been lifted in seating areas.

Courtyard Cafe/STEAMery

  • Six (6) feet distancing is expected while lining up for service.
  • Increased grab-and-go items will be available to expedite service.
  • Seating will be reduced to maintain distancing.

Pre-ordering Food

  • Students in quarantine or isolation will be able to place orders for delivery to their residence.
  • Students not on a meal plan are able to charge up to $1000 on their student account for meals if they wish.


  • Daily menus for the Market Place, Courtyard Cafe, and The STEAMery will be posted on the Dining Service website to aid in decision making.
  • Additional grab and go items will be available to expedite service.
  • Self-service food areas will be adapted to have items pre-wrapped or pre-made (salad bar, soup, cold cereal, waffle area, condiments, bakery items).

Remote Service Locations

  • Concession stand food and drinks will be available outdoors near the Complex fire pit, weather permitting. 

Gus dining room wiping down a table with a mask

Sanitizing/Hand Hygiene

  • People should wash or sanitize their hands before eating.
  • Staff will sanitize tables between each use.
    • Red/green sign on each table will indicate sanitized status.
  • Dining staff will do enhanced cleaning of high-touch areas and change utensils more frequently.
  • Dining staff will change gloves and wash hands more frequently.


  • Catering requests for on-campus groups will be considered case by case by contacting the Gustavus Catering Office.
  • There will be limited use of the Banquet Room, Presidents Dining Room, and Alumni Hall.

Meal Plans

  • The fall meal plans will be adjusted so the daily allocation is based on days on campus up to Thanksgiving break. This includes providing a refund for the meal plans of those students not living on the first 3.5 weeks of school
  • Dining Service will remain open after Thanksgiving break until the end of fall semester.
  • Students remaining on campus after Thanksgiving break may use their meal plans with the funds counting towards the January/spring semester allocation.

Eating in Academic Building

Eating and drinking is allowed when seated in public lounge spaces in academic buildings and private offices. It is not allowed in hallways or classrooms before, during, or after class. Eating and drinking is also not allowed while standing or walking in buildings. These restrictions are based on the risk that happens when removing a face covering to eat and drink.