Gusties ROAR Pledge

Respect Others, Act Responsibly

Gusties ROAR with lion imageGustavus Adolphus College aims to deliver its mission as a residential liberal arts college of recognized excellence while reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 within our community. Community is a core value and strength of Gustavus, and this year all students, faculty, and staff will need to act to keep themselves and the whole community safe. 

All members of the greater Gustavus community know that Gusties Shine. This year, we will take it a step further. This year, Gusties ROAR! ROAR means “Respect Others, Act Responsibly.” The College has developed plans in accordance with Minnesota Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines. The most important reminders are listed below. If you remember one thing, remember this: Gusties ROAR!

As a member of the Gustavus Adolphus College community, I will find ways to celebrate the Gustie spirit despite the challenges of COVID-19, and I pledge to ROAR by:

  • Maintaining a distance of six (6) feet from others both indoors and outdoors
  • Wearing a face covering both indoors and outdoors
  • Completing a daily COVID self-screening and reporting any COVID-19 symptoms/exposure
  • Quarantining and isolating if I have symptoms, an exposure to, or if I am diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Limiting my close contacts
  • Limiting unnecessary travel by remaining on campus/close to home
  • Practicing good hand hygiene, sanitizing personal objects, and limiting sharing
Additional Information

Gusties need to ROAR—all day, every day, on campus and off campus. If you see a Gustie who is not doing their part, you can help by kindly reminding them to help keep the community safe.

Bias and Discriminatory Behaviors

The COVID-19 outbreak has provoked cognitive bias and discriminatory behaviors against people of certain ethnic backgrounds as well as anyone perceived to have been in contact with the virus. We know that the virus does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability. Respect for each individual is central to how we conduct our work and build relationships within our community. Acts of bias, hate, discrimination, or any other behavior that fails to respect the dignity of another individual or group will not be tolerated. 

When Gusties do not ROAR 

It is expected that all students and employees will follow COVID safety expectations. 

It is the responsibility of all students and employees to make daily choices necessary to protect themselves and our community. It is also the responsibility of all students and employees to model and to respectfully remind others of the COVID safety expectations. In addition, the Gusties ROAR team of student employees will be around campus with regular reminders of the new community expectations.

Because the wellbeing of the community is at risk, any student or employee who chooses to not abide by the COVID safety expectations may be in violation of College policy. Students may report an alleged violation to the Dean of Students Office or for employees through Human Resources or the Provost Office. 

COVID Bystander Tips - Speaking up to others

The Gustavus COVID-19 safety expectations require a major change of behavior for all members of the campus community. The safety of the community to reduce the spread of the virus relies on people making safe choices and on people encouraging and reminding people to remember and follow the safety measures.
Here are resources to better prepare you to speak up to others.