COVID Quarantine & Isolation

Case Management

Quarantine and Isolation

Who Needs to Go into Quarantine or Isolation?

  • Quarantine is for people who are not fully vaccinated and have been exposed to a person who tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Isolation is for people who have received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or who are not fully vaccinated and have COVID symptoms and need to be removed from contact with others during their recovery.

Quarantine and Isolation Locations for Students and Employees

  • People in quarantine and isolation need to take extreme care to not be in contact with anyone to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Students who need to be in quarantine or isolation may do so away from campus if they are able and the environment is one that is safe and conducive to continued academic learning.
  • The College will provide both quarantine and isolation space for students who are unable to leave campus. This may mean that a student will need to move into a different location on campus for their quarantine/isolation.
  • Gustavus will continue to follow MDH/CDC guidelines about quarantine and isolation.
  • Employees and students living off-campus are expected to go into quarantine or isolation in their own residence and will not be housed on campus.

Going Into and Out of Quarantine & Isolation

  • Employees and students who are told they need to move into quarantine and isolation are expected to do so immediately.
  • The COVID Case Manager will work with each student and employee to clear them to return to the community.
  • Students who are in quarantine or isolation may continue with their academic coursework virtually if their condition allows.
  • Faculty/staff who are in quarantine without symptoms or isolation with a positive COVID diagnosis can continue with their work remotely as their position and supervisor allows.

Case Management

  • The College has COVID case managers who will regularly be in contact with all students and employees who are in isolation and quarantine.

Where Can I Go For Help?