Psychological Assessment

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disorders, and Personality Assessment

Many factors may influence your attention, concentration, academic performance, and social life at Gustavus. We offer formalized testing that assesses for the presence of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Learning Disorders (LD), in addition to personality traits and other psychological concerns. Assessment results can provide insight into other factors contributing to academic impairment (i.e., substance use, depression, anxiety) and/or interventions that may benefit the student, beyond a diagnosis.

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ADHD/LD Assessment Process

The first appointment is an Assessment Screening (2-hour appointment). You will participate in a clinical interview and complete computer- and paper-based screenings during this initial visit in order to determine whether further assessment is indicated.

There may be occasions in which comprehensive assessment is not recommended following the assessment screening. In such cases, the assessment psychologist will discuss recommendations for your next steps, which may include referrals to therapy or other campus or community resources.

If comprehensive assessment is warranted beyond the screening, this testing usually involves multiple appointments and will include most or all of the following: a thorough interview, completion of questionnaires, review of outside information (e.g., report cards, questionnaires completed by family members or close friends), standardized one-on-one testing, and computer-based testing. Students should be prepared to invest 4-6 hours of their time to the assessment protocol, divided over several testing slots.

After you complete this process, you will be provided with in-depth feedback and recommendations. A one-hour feedback session will be scheduled upon completion of the assessment report, likely several weeks following completion of the assessment protocol

ADHD/LD Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of formal assessment?
Due to the cost of testing materials and the intensive time demands of testing services, the Gustavus Counseling Center does charge for testing services. These fees are much lower than those available in the community. The fee for the assessment screening is $25, and the comprehensive assessment costs an additional $300.

The Counseling Center does not submit insurance claims, but you may file for insurance reimbursement with your health insurance company. An assessment receipt can be provided if you wish to seek potential reimbursement through insurance. Clients are responsible for full payment to the Counseling Center no later than the date of their first testing session, and/or at the time of screening if no further assessment is recommended.

How do I begin the assessment process?
If you are interested in assessment, you may schedule an Assessment Screening with the Counseling Center (Johnson Student Union 204, 507-933-7027) during the academic year. You will be required to complete a packet of paperwork prior to the screening, in addition to paper- and computer-based screenings during the appointment.

Who performs the assessment?
Testing is provided by an assessment psychologist in our Counseling Center with specialized training and experience in psychological testing.

What can I do to prepare for the assessment?

  • Arrive for your appointments on time
  • Be well-rested and comfortable
  • Be ready to do your best
  • Eat beforehand, as testing sessions last several hours
  • Do not spend time studying for the assessment -- it is neither recommended nor required, and can interfere with your results
  • If you are on prescription medication, take your medication as prescribed so your condition(s) will not interfere with your results (UNLESS you take medication for ADHD, in which case you should abstain from using such medication the day of testing)
  • If you require eyeglasses or other testing materials, please bring them to the testing session
  • Refrain from using alcohol and/or any illegal drugs before testing sessions

What kind of services are available to help me succeed if I am diagnosed with ADHD or a learning disability?
Accessibility Resources (in the Academic Support Center, Andersen Hall) manages academic accommodations and services for students who are diagnosed with ADHD or LDs. A referral for medication consultation can be provided for treatment of symptoms associated with ADHD. In addition, individual therapy, group counseling, and/or coaching can be effective treatments for ADHD and LDs. The Counseling Center can assist students with referrals to the above resources as appropriate and/or as requested.

What other psychological assessments are available?

We also occasionally work with other Counseling Center therapists around diagnosis of other psychological disorders. If you are interested in evaluation for another type of concern (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorders), please attend a Counseling Center intake appointment with any of our therapists. Your intake therapist can then determine whether a referral for formal assessment is indicated. Assessment fees are charged for formal psychodiagnostic assessment and will be determined based on your needs.