Student Comments

Counseling Center

2019-2020 Practicum Students:

Dorothy Jenicke - St. Mary's University

Ellen Miller '12 - St. Mary's University

Past Prac/Intern Comments:

"Powerfully growthful is the most succinct way I can describe the opportunity I had as a practicum student at the Gustavus Counseling Center. I was unsure what to expect from the entire experience and proceeded with caution in the beginning weeks as I had poor to mediocre experiences at my previous practicums sites, specifically with supervision. After the first few weeks, I began to notice the support and care that staff demonstrated when interacting with each other and with me. I was surprised at how genuine each of these interactions felt which decreased my hesitations and helped me to relax. Every staff member was open and willing to consult and provide me with new and interesting perspectives and insights about the myriad of client presentations. I felt deeply understood in supervision and was consistently invited to expand my own clinical thinking and therapeutic techniques. This dynamic supervisory relationship was flexible in providing me everything I felt like I needed to grow as a professional. I am grateful that the practicum environment was set up for me to learn, grow, and blossom and I continue to think fondly about my time there." -HW 

"I had an incredible therapy practicum experience at Gustavus. I gained invaluable therapy experience with a variety of clients, presenting problems, and diagnoses. I could not have asked for a better environment to begin my development as a therapist. The knowledgeable staff was supportive and nurturing throughout my development as a beginning therapist, while instilling confidence in my abilities. The opportunity to work with other interns was a huge benefit and excellent additional source of support throughout the experience." - KD

"At first I was a little apprehensive that I would not get enough experience with diverse populations and diagnoses when I applied to intern at Gustavus. In my time here I realized that I was wrong about this. While it is true that this is not a site where I would get a diverse range of ages, I did encounter a diverse set of students and issues they were facing. I think the most important thing I needed in an internship, was the type of supervision and work environment that the Gustavus Counseling Center provided. My supervisor and the other full-time therapists treated me like a colleague, they gave me space to discover who I was/wanted to be as a therapist, and they believed in me. All of the staff members are approachable and supportive. They all believed in my abilities and helped me internalize this belief in myself. When I look back at who I was before the internship, I realize I have grown into a confident, comfortable, well-equipped mental health professional. I feel that these were an essential, foundation to my development as a mental health practitioner. I am happy with my decision to choose Gustavus as my fist step to pursuing a career in mental health counseling." - AG

"My internship at Gustavus provided me with the opportunity to meet with a variety of different clients and gain valuable experience providing these clients with counseling on a variety of different issues. The environment of the counseling center is very warm and supportive, and I truly appreciate the relationships I had with the staff psychologists and other interns, both professionally and personally!" - RG

"My practicum experience at Gustavus was remarkable. Initial training was extremely beneficial and over the course of the year I was able to provide individual therapy to clients with a wide variety of presenting concerns. I learned a lot about providing resources both on and off campus for clients. My greatest level of appreciation comes from the support and care devoted to my development as a therapist through supervision." - AC