Student Comments

Counseling Center

2018-19 Practicum Students:

Heather Wyatt - Minnesota School of Professional Psychology/Arogsy University

Nicholas Iversen- University of Minnesota

Past Prac/Intern Comments:

"I had an incredible therapy practicum experience at Gustavus. I gained invaluable therapy experience with a variety of clients, presenting problems, and diagnoses. I could not have asked for a better environment to begin my development as a therapist. The knowledgeable staff was supportive and nurturing throughout my development as a beginning therapist, while instilling confidence in my abilities. The opportunity to work with other interns was a huge benefit and excellent additional source of support throughout the experience." - KD

"At first I was a little apprehensive that I would not get enough experience with diverse populations and diagnoses when I applied to intern at Gustavus. In my time here I realized that I was wrong about this. While it is true that this is not a site where I would get a diverse range of ages, I did encounter a diverse set of students and issues they were facing. I think the most important thing I needed in an internship, was the type of supervision and work environment that the Gustavus Counseling Center provided. My supervisor and the other full-time therapists treated me like a colleague, they gave me space to discover who I was/wanted to be as a therapist, and they believed in me. All of the staff members are approachable and supportive. They all believed in my abilities and helped me internalize this belief in myself. When I look back at who I was before the internship, I realize I have grown into a confident, comfortable, well-equipped mental health professional. I feel that these were an essential, foundation to my development as a mental health practitioner. I am happy with my decision to choose Gustavus as my fist step to pursuing a career in mental health counseling." - AG

"My internship at Gustavus provided me with the opportunity to meet with a variety of different clients and gain valuable experience providing these clients with counseling on a variety of different issues. The environment of the counseling center is very warm and supportive, and I truly appreciate the relationships I had with the staff psychologists and other interns, both professionally and personally!" - RG

"My practicum experience at Gustavus was remarkable. Initial training was extremely beneficial and over the course of the year I was able to provide individual therapy to clients with a wide variety of presenting concerns. I learned a lot about providing resources both on and off campus for clients. My greatest level of appreciation comes from the support and care devoted to my development as a therapist through supervision." - AC