Faculty Development Programs

Community-Based Service & Learning

The Center for Community-Based Service and Learning offers an array of faculty development programs designed to assist faculty in reaching their highest potential as community-engaged educators, scholars, and leaders.

How to Successfully Design & Implement Community-Based Learning

This “hands-on” workshop is designed to support faculty NEW to CBL, as well as experienced practitioners who want to refine and hone their skills and competencies.  The workshop will provide faculty participants with step-by-step strategies, tangible resources, and easy-to-use tools for designing and implementing a successful community-based learning component to a chosen course.

2015-16 Workshop

The Academy for Community-Based Learning

The Academy for Community-Based Learning is an annual February workshop designed to assist faculty in developing and enhancing core competencies of effective community-engaged teaching, service, and scholarship. More specifically, the workshop is designed to assist faculty in either creating a new course, or creating significant revisions to an existing one.

2015 Workshop

2014 Workshop
2013 Workshop
2012 Workshop

Community-Engaged Scholars Fellowship Program

The Community-Engaged Scholars (CES) Fellowship Program is a 13-month applied learning community experience. Designed to enhance community-engaged teaching, research, and service, the purpose of the fellowship is to more deeply and fully integrate the public purpose and civic mission of Gustavus Adolphus College into the academic programs by supporting faculty to reach their highest potential as engaged citizens, educators, and scholars.

2014-15 Fellowship Program Description

Community-Engaged Departments Grant Program

The CSL is pleased to announce the availability of grants of up to $5,000 to support academic departments and interdisciplinary programs wishing to advance or strengthen community engagement initiatives into their teaching and research activities for faculty and students. The purpose of this initiative is to advance the institutionalization of community engagement at Gustavus by strengthening the integration of community engagement into the programmatic features of the department. This program emphasizes the strengthening of community engagement from the particular disciplinary perspective of the department. The program is well suited for departments where community-based work is already well established on an individual faculty basis and where moving to greater institutionalization at the department level would represent an important value-added for students, faculty, the campus, and community.

2014-15 Grant Program Description

For questions please contact Jeffrey Rathlef, Director for Community-Based Service and Learning, jrathlef@gustavus.edu, or X6011.