Gustavus Engage for Students

Software Tool for Service-Learning and Volunteering

What is it?

"Gustavus Engage" is an online tool for students to document their community impacts, manage volunteers for student gorups, and to find local volunteer opportunities.

For Individual Students

Students may log hours served with any group on campus--classes, study abroad, teams, student groups, clubs, residential life, and work trips at Gustavus. Add detailed notes to remind yourself about what you did, who your worked with, and what you learned.

Add to your resume:

  • Amount of volunteer hours and community impacts
  • Organization names
  • Volunteer leadership roles
  • Populations you have experience working with
  • Skills developed

For Student Groups

Student groups are able to promote membership, promote events, manage volunteer shifts, survey members, and message members. In order to request "Administrator" access to an on-campus group or set up a new group, email Community-Based Service & Learning (CBSL):

Getting Started

  • Go to
  • Click Login (upper right corner)
  • Click Login with your College ID
  • Use your Gustavus username and password to sign-in
  • Go to "My Account" and edit your profile: change the number to your name and add a photo
  • Navigate using the search box to a group or class and click, "Become a Member" to join
  • You will receive a welcome email with a link to confirm your membership

Gustavus Engage Tutorials

  • FAQ's Gustavus Engage - quick answers to common questions asked by Gustavus students like how to log in