Community-Based Learning Mini-Grants

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis pending availability of funds.

The Center for Community-Based Service and Learning, in collaboration with the John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning offers mini-grants of up to $1,000 for faculty to implement an existing community-based learning course, design a new course, or enhance the quality and effectiveness of an existing course. Funds are also available to support faculty and students in travel to disseminate results from their civically-engaged teaching and scholarship, to present a poster, to receive professional training, or to lead or present on a panel.



All faculty are eligible and encouraged to apply. Check the "Criteria for a CBL Course" for course eligibility. Ask if you think there is any chance that your course may be eligible as a broad range of assignments qualify.

Funded Activities

Funds will be used to support community-based learning (CBL) in a credit-bearing course, independent study, academic internship, or faculty-mentored undergraduate research. To learn more about the criteria for a CBL class, visit "What is Community-Based Learning?"

  • Events
  • Honoraria for guest speakers - Required to provide to CBSL Guest_Speaker_Services_Contract_for_CBL_classes
  • Transportation for classes
  • Supplies, props, or other materials
  • Training for student teaching assistants
  • Faculty travel for professional conferences (in support of development of community-engaged teaching or research)
  • Proposed other activities if approved

Priorities for Funding

Course implementation, design, enhancement and operating expenses will take priority over travel requests. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis throughout the year. Funds are limited, so apply as early as possible.

How To Apply

Please contact Amy Pehrson, Interim Director, at if you are interested in applying.

Application Form

For more information or to discuss your proposal, please contact the Interim Director of the Center for Community-Based Service & Learning. Link to the CBSL Staff Page for contact information.