Options for Support

Community Based Service and Learning

The Center for Community-Based Service and Learning provides support for faculty members interested in pursuing a community-engaged approach to teaching and learning.

Find Community Partners and Projects

  • One-on-one consultation. Ask us to help you identify community organizations relevant to the academic goals and learning objectives of your course.  For best results and out of respect to our community organizations' time and planning processes, we recommend giving plenty of lead time for setting up new projects (1-3 months, depending on the nature of the project).
  • Online volunteer opportunities.  Access Gustavus Engage to identify volunteer opportunities and community agencies in Nicollet, Le Seuer, and Blue Earth counties.  Gustavus Engage is a tool for connecting students in CBL classes with community organizations, tracking hours of participation, and facilitating social networking.  Visit the Gustavus Engage group, Community-Based Learning Courses, to explore how other faculty are using this tool during our pilot phase in 2016-17.

Choose Individualized Support from CBSL Staff

CBSL staff work with faculty on an individual basis that best suits their particular needs and interests.

  • Arrange volunteer placements in identified agencies.
  • Serve as liaison to community partners and help coordinate engagement activities.
  • Assist with logistical coordination and student transportation in support of projects.
  • Mini-grants for CBL courses (apply online).
  • Offer assistance and support for community-based learning course design and development.
  • One-on-one training for using Gustavus Engage to track student participation hours.
  • Conduct in-class pre-engagement trainings and orientations.
  • Recommend reflection strategies, activities, and resources.
  • Assist with facilitation of reflection sessions and support discussions in and out of classroom.
  • Support risk-management associated with community engagement activities.
  • Conduct evaluations to assess degrees of perceived benefit of projects and partnerships.
  • Provide access to online assessments and assist in analyzing your outcomes.
  • Provide additional customized support per your needs and interests.

Higher Education Civic Engagement Organizations

Support Students in Career and Vocational Development

Video provides advice for students on how to incorporate Community-Based Learning experiences into a resume

For all inquiries please contact Jeffrey Rathlef, Director for Community-Based Service & Learning, jrathlef@gustavus.edu, (507) 933-6011 in the Gustavus Adolphus College Center for Servant Leadership.