Department Assessment Plans and External Reviews

Department Assessment Plans

In the late 1990s, departments and programs were asked to develop assessment plans. These plans can be found on the PADC Moodle site. Subsequent assessment updates submitted to PADC by departments and programs are kept with the committee's papers. Please contact a member of PADC if you would like to see your department or program's annual assessment updates. *Note: the annual assessment updates have not been collected in several years.

External Reviews

Every ten years, departments undergo an external review. (See the Department Chair's Handbook for further details.)

One task of the PADC is to assist and advise departments on tasks related to assessment. If your department or program is undergoing a review in the near future, a member of PADC will be in contact with the chair of your department of program. If you have any questions about assessment within your department or program, regardless of when you are scheduled for an external review, please contact a member of PADC. You may also find useful resources on the Assessment Overview and Assessment 101 page.

Resources for Departments

"Student Learning, Assessment and Accreditation," Presentation to Department Chairs, Carolyn Dobler, Higher Learning Commission Self-Study Co-Chair, September 14, 2010