Faculty Development Committee (FDC)


1. To encourage professional development by promoting planning and opportunities for growth throughout each stage of a faculty member’s career. The committee shall report to the faculty on all matters pertaining to faculty development in the college. The committee should work cooperatively with the director of the Kendall Center, the Provost and the Office of Institutional Advancement in the formulation and development of all proposals dealing with faculty development.
2. To support all forms of faculty development, including research, scholarship, and creativity; to support the development and broadening of scholarship and pedagogy; and to encourage the publication, propagation, and exhibition of results.
3. To advise the Provost on establishing priorities regarding faculty requests for leaves of absence and other opportunities for faculty development.
4. To evaluate faculty applications for sabbatical leaves and grants from the Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Funds and to advise the Provost concerning which should be funded. The committee will establish its own voting procedure for evaluating such requests.
5. To advise the Kendall Center about priorities for faculty development.
6. To incorporate Kendall Center information in committee reports to the faculty.
7. To review each year the relationship between goals for faculty development and the budget, and to make recommendations to the Provost for funding of faculty development.

FDC Membership

1. Elected: Five faculty members elected by the faculty at-large. Staggered terms of three years will provide continuity for the efforts of the committee.
2. Non-voting ex officio: President of the College, the Provost or designee, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs, and the director of the Kendall Center.

Meeting Minutes


Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Grants

Presidential Faculty/Student Collaboration and Publication Grants

Sabbatical Leave