Scholarships for Study Away

Many programs exist to help fund study away costs

Whether the study away program you choose is an officially recognized Gustavus program or an independent study away program, you may incur additional expenses beyond what you would spend during a semester or J-Term on the Gustavus campus. Though financial aid funds can be applied toward most Gustavus study away programs, you may still have extra costs to cover. The CICE strongly encourages students to seek additional scholarship funding to help defray the additional expenses of either Gustavus or independent study away.

If you are participating in a Gustavus-sponsored study away program, exchange program, or affiliated program, you are encouraged to apply for any scholarships listed on that specific study away program’s brochure in this website. In addition to the scholarships listed in brochures, you may also be eligible to apply for one or more of the other scholarships indexed here.

Click on the links below to get more information on the different types of scholarships available for study away. The first four categories offer scholarships that could be used for studying away during your Gustavus enrollment:

Gustavus General Study Away Scholarships
National Scholarships for Study Abroad
Program-Specific Scholarships
Country/Region-Specific Scholarships

The last category includes funding for international or internationally themed activities to be undertaken after graduation (or during the summers), including graduate study, research, teaching English, and other pursuits:

Scholarships for Post-Graduation Projects and Graduate Studies


External Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources

The Financial Aid Information Page
Fast Web (Financial Aid Search through the Web)

International Education Financial Aid

IIE Passport Study Abroad Funding