Application Information:
Semester and Year-Long Programs

The Gustavus Application for approval to study off campus during 2015-16 will be available soon on StudioAbroad. You can SEARCH and APPLY through StudioAbroad.

The Gustavus Application deadline is March 1, 2015 for all 2015-16 Semester and Academic Year Programs.*

Review the following information CAREFULLY before starting your StudioAbroad Application.

  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 1 for Gustavus Approval to study off-campus for FALL or SPRING of the following academic year. Approval is requested through your StudioAbroad application.
  • APPLICATION PROCESS: - Apply on StudioAbroad. For more information about the StudioAbroad search engine and application system, read the StudioAbroad help page, or contact CICE at 507-933-7545 or via email. See detailed instructions below.
  • ELIGIBILITY: For eligibility requirements, please click here.

To start your application for Gustavus Approval for a FALL, SPRING or ACADEMIC YEAR Gustavus Approved program:

  • Go to StudioAbroad:
  • click on Programs,
  • search for and find your desired program,
  • click on the program title link,
  • and then click on the Apply Now button on the right hand side.
  • Log in with your regular Gustavus login credentials when prompted.

If you have questions about the application or procedures for applying, stop by the CICE or contact or meet with a CICE Peer Advisor (advising schedules are located at the front desk of our office.)

If you have problems with the StudioAbroad system contact the Study Abroad Advisor, Jill Fischer at ext 7546.

If you need to set up an advising appointment with Jill Fischer, Study Abroad Advisor, you must SIGN UP on her advising schedule located at the front desk of our office.

Reminder that applications for Gustavus approval for 2015-16 for all terms (fall 2015, spring 2016, academic year 2015-16) are due by March 1, 2015. Students applying for fall or academic year programs are encouraged to submit and complete their applications prior to February 15 (or earlier if your provider deadline is early.)

*NOTE: If the program provider's specific application deadline is PRIOR to MARCH 1, you must still complete the Gustavus Application first and be approved for off-campus study before you apply to the specific program. In these cases, plan to submit your Gustavus application well PRIOR to your program provider's specific deadline (by February 1 or earlier as necessary).

Students applying for fall term programs will be given priority for approval. See the Application Priority and Selection and Approval Criteria listed below for complete information.


Two-Tiered* Application Process:

Your StudioAbroad application is for GUSTAVUS APPROVAL to study off-campus only. With the exception of Gustavus faculty-led programs in India, Malaysia, and Sweden, you are NOT applying to your specific program. You will be given instructions about applying to your program provider after you have received Gustavus approval.

You should review your specific program's application procedures, requirements and deadlines prior to applying for Gustavus approval via StudioAbroad. However, you should not begin your program provider application process until after you have received Gustavus approval to study away.

Note that some program providers' fall and academic year programs have application deadlines of March 1 or earlier, so early application for Gustavus approval is absolutely necessary. Be prepared to turn around and submit your provider application quickly upon Gustavus approval. Please try to apply for Gustavus approval by February or earlier.

Prior to applying for Gustavus approval to study off-campus, you must know what program you plan to apply to. In addition, your program choice must be an approved Gustavus program. Only approved Gustavus programs will be available through the StudioAbroad system. All programs in StudioAbroad and on the 2015-16 Semester and Year-Long Programs Brochure are approved.

*For Gustavus faculty-led programs in India, Malaysia, and Sweden, and Global Entrepreneurship in India, your StudioAbroad application is the only application you need to submit. We encourage early application for these programs, but all applications will be held until the application deadline and will be reviewed as a group at that time; there is no early admission for these programs.

Cost Estimate Information:

The Approved Programs Brochure lists general cost estimates. These are estimates and costs may be higher. Read "Understanding Program Fees" for more information or speak to the Study Abroad Advisor or the CICE Director if you have questions.


  • If you have application or StudioAbroad questions or are at the beginning stages of your study abroad program search and have general questions about studying abroad please set up a time to see one of our Peer Advisors. The Peer Advisors will be able to tell you about the process of off-campus study at Gustavus, review the approved list with you, and help you to narrow down your options. You can sign up for a time to meet with a peer advisor at the front desk of the Center for International and Cultural Education.
  • If you would like general information about off-campus study opportunities, application procedures or StudioAbroad, you may attend one of our Study Abroad Questions sessions. These are held occasionally in the Carlson International Center Community Room or the Campus Center. Watch the calendar for location and times or contact CICE at x7545.
  • If you have a couple of specific programs in mind and have more specific program questions, you may set up a time to see Jill Fischer, Study Abroad Advisor. Please sign up for a time to meet with the Study Abroad Advisor at the front desk of the Center for International and Cultural Education.
  • See more information under Advising Services.


Click here for credit transfer and translation information. Click here for the Course Approval for Of Campus Study form.

Application Checklist - Semester and Year-Long Programs (applies to most programs)

  1. APPLY for a passport as soon as possible (if needed). If you already have a passport, make
    sure it will be valid for up to six months after your intended return date and that you have
    available visa pages.
    If you do not NOT have a passport or if you passport will be expiring before, during or within six months of your expected return from abroad APPLY FOR or RENEW YOUR PASSPORT IMMEDIATELY! You will need a valid passport for a visa or residence permit (your destintation country will determine if you need a visa or residence permit for study). Passport numbers CHANGE upon renewal so you are not able to apply for a visa or residence permit with an expired or soon to be expired passport.
  2. COMPLETE your Gustavus Application on StudioAbroad. Follow all instructions on StudioAbroad
    and make sure to submit ALL items per the StudioAbroad instructions, including (but not limited to):
    1. Gustavus Application - online via StudioAbroad
    2. $65 Gustavus Application Fee and Receipt of Payment Form (return to CICE or pay by credit card)
    3. Essay - online via StudioAbroad. (Additional essays required for Gustavus Semester in Sweden, Semester in Malaysia and Semester in India programs.)
    4. Two (2) recommendations from members of the FACULTY - online via StudioAbroad. (These must be from faculty who have taught you in class and are familiar with your academic background.) Recommendations are requested and submitted electronically via StudioAbroad. It is most appropriate for you to FIRST speak with your desired faculty recommenders to see if they are willing to complete a recommendation for you. After that, you can send them the recommendation request via StudioAbroad. SEE FULL INSTRUCTIONS on StudioAbroad.
    5. One (1) official college transcript. Have this sent to CICE.
    6. NOTE: Gustavus Semester in Sweden, Semester in Malaysia, and Semester in India programs may have additional requirements. Refer to the StudioAbroad application for complete details.
  3. DISCUSS course requirements and substitutions with your academic advisor and MAKE SURE this program is a good fit for your academic goals. Review your 4-year plan.
  4. CHECK your account on StudioAbroad regularly. You will be notified of your approval and all follow-up information via this system.
  5. MEET with the Study Abroad Advisor if you have specific questions about your program or the application process. To schedule a meeting with the Advisor, stop by the CICE and sign up on the advising schedule located at the front desk.

Gustavus Applications are accepted on a rolling basis via StudioAbroad.


CICE Semester Study Away 2015-16
Application Priority and Selection and Approval Criteria

Advising Appointments

The Center for International and Cultural Education is eager to work with Gustavus students on their semester study away plans. Approximately 50% of students will study away during their undergraduate career at Gustavus, and we are pleased that semester study away students continue to be a contributing factor to the proud tradition of study away with Gustavus.

For semester study away advising, please make use of the amazing CICE Peer Advisors, current students who have studied away for a semester. They provide all first-step advising and are excellent resources. After meeting with a peer advisor, you may then meet with the CICE Study Abroad Advisor, Jill Fischer. To sign up for advising with the peer advisors or Jill, you must stop by the CICE and sign-up on the advising schedules located at the front desk.

(For advising and information on Gustavus Off-Campus January Interim Programs, please contact Linda Shaw in the CICE at For information on the Gustavus Student Teacher Programs in Alaska, New York, Phoenix, France or Spain, please contact the Education Dept. chair, Deb Pitton. For information on the Gustavus Nursing in Alaska Program please contact Barb Zust in the Nursing Dept.)

Selection Process
The maximum number of students who may study away in a given academic year is determined by the study away budget figures set annually by the College’s Budget Committee. In addition, the CICE is required to balance off-campus study away numbers between fall and spring, working toward slightly more students studying away during fall term. What this may mean is that there will be a greater competition for fewer study away slots for spring term than previous years.

We are typically able to accommodate every student who wishes to study abroad, but it is important that you understand there is a possibility your application to study away will not be approved (or you may be wait listed) because of these budget requirements. A wait list may apply to both fall and spring terms, depending on the total number of applications received.

The desire to better balance study away enrollments between fall and spring is connected to the larger budget for Gustavus, and specifically to how study away (students leaving campus) impacts housing on-campus. This is not a CICE decision. If you have concerns about this, please contact CICE Director Carolyn O’Grady or any member of the President’s Cabinet (President Becky Bergman, Provost Mark Braun, Dean of Students JoNes VanHecke, or Vice Presidents Ken Westphal, Tom Young, Tom Crady, and Tim Kennedy).

We encourage students to strongly consider studying away in the fall term if this is a realistic option. We encourage students to apply early. Please read the application priorty, and selection and approval criteria below.

Application Priority, and Selection and Approval Criteria:

  • Gustavus Administrated Fall programs: Gustavus Semester in India: Justice, Peace and Sustainable Communities, and Gustavus Entrepreneurship in India program applications will receive priority approvals over all other applications.
  • Gustavus Administrated Spring programs: Gustavus Semester in Malaysia: Living Diversity, and Gustavus Semester in Sweden will also receive priority over all other applications.
  • Students applying to Gustavus Exchange Programs with Uppsala, Linnaeus, or Mora, Sweden; UIC, Zhuhai, China; USM Penang, Malaysia; Kansai Gaidai, Hirakata City, Japan or Hosei, Tokyo, Japan will be given priority processing and approval for both fall and spring terms. Note that there may be some limits on the number of exchange program spots available, depending on the exchange balance. See Jill Fischer in the CICE for information and advising.
  • Other fall and academic year (AY) program applications will be given priority over spring program applications.
  • Fall and AY program applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis (as much as possible) as applications are completed (before February 15 and after March 1).
  • Spring applications will held until after the CICE March 1 application deadline and reviewed at that time, except in extreme and rare situations that require an earlier CICE review and approval, such as with the IFSA Oxford program, ISLE Sri Lanka, ACM, etc. (i.e. programs which require or highly recommend that a student apply to their program provider BEFORE the normal Gustavus deadline of March 1.)
  • The number of spring term study away slots will be dependent upon the number of fall and academic year applications and approvals. Therefore, until fall and AY applications are reviewed and approved, we will not know how many spring application slots there will be. There will be a cap on the number of spring and total applications that the CICE can approve.
  • Fall applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis or as quickly after the March 1 deadline as possible. Fall applications will be prioritized at that point by the program provider’s application deadline, those with earlier applications deadlines reviewed first. Fall applicants will be notified of their approval decisions by the end of March.
  • Spring applicants will have their applications reviewed after all fall and academic year applications are reviewed. They will be notified of their Gustavus approval by late April/early May (or as quickly as applications can be processed.)
  • For all applicants, the entirety of your application will be very important - essay, faculty recommendations, GPA, etc., will be considered. Please make sure to follow the application instructions carefully and, in particular, please ensure that both faculty recommendations are from faculty that have taught you in a full academic course or are from your academic advisor. For students applying to a program with a language requirement, at least one of your recommendations must be from a language faculty member who has taught you. Please also take seriously the essay prompts and make sure to proof-read your essay for content, and grammar and typographical errors. Given the potential for competition for slots, all elements of your application will be reviewed carefully.
  • Spring CICE applications that are not complete (with the exception of faculty recommendations) by the March 1 deadline may not be reviewed at all and/or may fall to the end of the priority line. (Faculty members are allowed to submit their recommendations after the March 1 deadline and will retain access to StudioAbroad to do so. However, we cannot review an application that has not been completed.)
  • Students who are on academic or disciplinary probation or censure, but are scheduled to be off of probation at the time they are abroad, are allowed to apply for CICE approval. However, their application may fall to the end of the priority line.
  • All applicants are asked to complete a Term Flexibility Questionnaire to explain why they are applying for the term they choose, and any extenuating circumstances impacting their decision and/or ability to switch to another term. We understand that due to music, sports or family commitments, some students may be limited as to which term they can study away. We will attempt to be as fair as possible when making decisions.
  • It is quite likely that some students who apply for spring term will be placed on a wait list. (Some students applying for fall term may also be wait listed.) Whether or not there is a wait list for spring will depend on the total number of approved applicants for fall and AY, and the total number of applicants for all terms. Students placed on the waitlist will be notified of their position on the waitlist. They may choose to stay on the wait list or be removed and have their application withdrawn at that time. There will be no refund for any application fees.
  • Some students who apply for spring study away may be asked to switch to fall term. The CICE will contact students as necessary. Students will not be required to switch to fall term.
  • All things being equal, we will approve students who are seniors or for whom studying away in the next year is the only time they can fit it into their time at Gustavus (due to early graduation, program curriculum requirements, etc.). If you have firm plans to graduate early (in less than four years) please make this plan clear in your answer to Term Flexibility Questionnaire (found on StudioAbroad). We will take into consideration all early graduation plans, but cannot guarantee accommodation.
  • The CICE application fee for 2015-16 will remain at $65. The application will not be reviewed unless the application fee has been paid. The application fee is non-refundable (even if you are put on a wait list or not approved for study away). In some circumstances, application fees may be transferable to a January interim program application.
Given these application selection criteria and priorities, we are encouraging students who are flexible to seriously consider applying for study away approval for fall term.
  • If you have already started your application for spring term and would like to switch to fall term, please email Jill Fischer. She can make the switch internally and you do not need to withdraw this application and start a new one (though that is an option.)

Program Fees
As of November 19, 2014: For 2015-16, the Gustavus Tuition Contribution will be 48%. CICE Study Abroad Advisor, Jill Fischer will review cost estimates with individual students as desired during individual advising sessions. Cost estimates will also be available via the 2015-16 Semester Study Away Approved Programs Brochure, which will be available by mid-October.

Contact / Questions
If you have questions or wish to discuss your situation/circumstances in an advising session, please sign up on Jill Fischer’s advising schedule located at the front desk of the office. For an email consult, email Jill at