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Keep up on the experiences of the Gustavus Faculty-Led Semester and Exchange programs!

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Gustavus Faculty Led Semester Programs

Semester In Malaysia: Living Diversity - Spring semester of even years:
  • 2014 Semester in Malaysia website
  • 2014 Semester in Malaysia - Liberal Arts graduation requirements, course info
  • 2014 Semester in Malaysia brochure
Semester in India: Social Justice, Peace and Development (SJPD) - Fall semester
  • 2013 Semester in India website
  • 2013 Semester in India brochure
  • 2013 Semester in India - Liberal Arts graduation requirements, course info
Semester In Sweden - Spring semester of odd years:
  • 2015 Semester in Sweden website
  • 2015 Semester in Sweden - Liberal Arts graduation requirements, course info
  • 2013 Semester in Sweden brochure

Gustavus Departmental Programs

  • Global Entrepeneurship in India brochure

Gustavus Exchange Programs

HECUA - Gustavus Consortium Member Programs

ISLE (Intercollegiate Sri Lanka Education)

Gustavus Application Deadline is March 1, 2014 for all 2014-2015 semester and academic year programs. Apply through StudioAbroad.