Study Away in the Summer

Because Gustavus does not have a summer semester or term, no summer programs are officially sponsored by Gustavus Adolphus College. You may participate in any summer program you choose. You do not need to complete the Gustavus study away application.

We are able to provide only very general study away and program advising for students considering summer programs. Please plan to seek advising from the organization that operates the program. You will need to work directly with the program provider for all program issues and questions. You will pay the program provider directly all of the fees due to them. There are no summer financial aid awards or scholarships at Gustavus.

Credit Transfer. You will need to work directly with the Gustavus Registrar’s Office regarding credit transfer. If you are hoping to fufill major or minor course requirements, you will also need to discuss your plans and obtain course approvals from the relevant academic department. We suggest that you bring pertinent course information (course descriptions, syllabi, program information, etc.) to the Registrar’s office and to your academic departments when inquiring about credit transfer. This will help Gustavus staff members assess the program and what credit might be granted.

Existing Gustavus Partners. Though we do not officially endorse any summer programs at this time, the following Gustavus semester program partners also offer excellent summer programs:

  • ARCADIA - - around the world
  • CIEE - - around the world
  • DIS - - Denmark
  • IES Abroad - - around the world
  • IFSA-Butler - - around the world
  • SAI - - Italy
  • SIT - - around the world
  • UofMN-LAC - - around the world
  • WII - - Washington DC internships

You are not limited to these options. You may also wish to check out the following study abroad search databases:

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Roger Adkins, Director, Center for International and Cultural Education.