Application and General Information

How do I find out what courses are offered?

For a full list of January off-campus courses, click here. Then click “Programs” on the top navigation bar. If you would like to see a list of only the January Interim Off-Campus courses, you can select “January Interim Off-Campus” from the drop-down menu labeled “Term.” If you would like to search for a specific program, enter the title beneath “Program Name” (e.g. Olympic Quest, Buddhist India, etc.) and select the term (e.g. January Interim Off-Campus) from the drop-down menu. Locate your program on the list and click on the program name.

How do I apply?

All application for January off-campus courses is done via StudioAbroad. Once you locate your program on StudioAbroad click the “Apply Now” button and follow the instructions on subsequent screens. Once you get to your application “home page” you will then need to read, submit, and return a variety of other pieces, all of which will be laid out for you on your home page. Some of these items will be submitted electronically; some will need to be submitted directly to the Center for International and Cultural Education. Read all of the information and instructions carefully! It is YOUR responsibility to submit the needed information and keep track of your application status.

When can I apply?

Applications become available on April 1st. Applications received by April 15th will be given priority. Instructors will review applications and interview applicants by the end of April. Participants will be notified of their status in the course through their StudioAbroad account on May 4th (applicants may be accepted, denied, or wait-listed by the instructor). Early application is encouraged as course costs could increase and course availability could become a factor for students applying later than early April. No applications will be accepted after July 31st. For Gustavus courses, this will be the only application you need to complete.

How do instructors make decisions about applications?

The selection of student participants for January off-campus study is handled in two phases: First, CICE screens all applicants for minimum Gustavus requirements for participation in an off-campus study program. The second step is to send the Gustavus approved application to the faculty instructor of the off campus course for approval.The instructor reviews all the required application materials and interviews the applicants.

Generally, instructors consider the following criteria in making decisions about whether to accept, deny, or wait-list an applicant. These criteria were approved by the entire faculty in 2008.

  • Reason for applying, e.g., the clarity of the application in explaining a student's academic or non-acadaemic reasons for wanting to take this specific course.
  • Overall GPA.The required minimum overall GPA for off-campus study is 2.75.
  • Review of student’s history of compliance with college policies. Students who are on academic or disciplinary probation are not eligible for study away.
  • All other things being equal:
    • Seniors and juniors have priority over sophomores;
    • Regularly enrolled students will have priority over graduated students;
    • Gustavus Adolphus students will have priority over non-Gustavus Adolphus students
  • Personal qualities and Interpersonal skills are also important considerations:
    • Maturity
    • Independence
    • Adaptability
    • Ability to interact well with a group
    • Willingness to initiate cross cultural opportunities
    • Ability to function in stressful situations
  • There may also be some program specific needs which govern the selection process, including any required pre-requisite for the course, or a specific major/minor, or specific physical abilities that are required, or limits to total course enrollment due to specific factors, etc..

What do I do if I'm accepted into a course?

If you are accepted into your program, you will be notified via your StudioAbroad account of the next step in the process, which is to commit to the program. You will be given 5 days to click on the "commit" button on StudioAbroad. If you do not commit within that time, your application will be withdrawn and your deposit will be credited to your Gustavus student account. Wait-listed students are added to the course in the order in which their applications were reviewed by the instructor if slots open up in the course. (Note: application fees are never refunded whether you are approved, denied, or wait-listed for a course.)

Keep a close eye on emails coming to you from StudioAbroad. This is how you will be notified of required materials and informed of course events up to the date of departure in January. Communication via StudioAbroad also occurs during the summer. Remember - it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep track of your application status.

What is the application and registration timeline?

For a full view of the January Interim Off-Campus Registration timeline, click here.

What does the "comprehensive fee range" mean and what does it include?

Cost ranges listed are approximate and are based on a minimum and maximum number of students per program. Every effort is made to operate the program within the stated ranges. However, with fewer than the minimum number of participants, programs may be canceled. All program providers, including Gustavus, reserve the right to adjust fees due to dollar devaluation, air fuel surcharges and general inflation.

The program fee includes round-trip transportation from MSP to program location; airport transfers; transportation to most program activities; visas (where required for U.S. citizens); CISI comprehensive insurance for international programs; meals as indicated; planned excursions; administrative costs; lodging, primarily in triple rooms in hotels, pensions, university dorms, hostels or family homes. Roommate assignments are of the same gender.

What if I'm interested in applying for a UMAIE or HECUA course rather than a Gustavus course?

If you’re applying to a UMAIE or HECUA consortium program, the Gustavus studioabroad application does not constitute approval by or acceptance into the above specific January program courses. You must bring in all fees to the CICE office that are specific to each program, as indicated for UMAIE or HECUA courses and complete the Gustavus online StudioAbroad application.  Once approved by Gustavus (you will be notified via your StudioAbroad account), your materials and fees will be sent to your course provider by the CICE office. You must then apply to your specific UMAIE or HECUA program provider by  filling in online materials as indicated. UMAIE applications are incorporated into the Gustavus StudioAbroad application, HECUA applications are available on the HECUA website. All of these are available as links on the Gustavus StudioAbroad January Term main page.

Can I apply to more than one course?

You can apply for more than one course only after obtaining special permission and only if each course is a different provider (e.g., a Gustavus course and a UMAIE course, or a UMAIE course and a Hamline course, but not two Gustavus courses or two UMAIE courses). You will be required to complete a separate application for each course, and submit the application fee and required deposit for both courses. The application fees are nonrefundable. Contact Linda Shaw.

Are there other policies I need to know about?

Yes! There are several policies that govern January off-campus study. Not every student is eligible for off-campus study, and if you are accepted into a course there are specific payment, cancellation, and other policies that you need to know. Please go here to read these policies.

J-Term 2017 program information available in late October 2015.
Applications will be due in spring semester 2016.