January Interim
Off-Campus Programs

Nominate a Gustavus instructor for the Ruth Mason Award for Excellence in January Off-Campus Teaching! Deadline is April 1, 2015. Download the nomination information here.

January Interim off-campus courses are a wonderful opportunity for students to study off campus at either international or domestic locations. Gustavus students may choose to travel and learn with other Gusties on a Gustavus course taught by a Gustavus professor, or take a course organized through a consortium of liberal arts colleges. These one-month travel courses change destinations and course subjects every year.

"I had the chance to live with the Masai, the Hadzabe and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, to name a few things. I learned about the African animals, ecosystem and the culture. I picked up some kiswahili and have gained a greater respect for being thankful for even the most simplistic basic things that are taken for granted. Living a month in a developing country, in Africa, got me closer to nature and God."
Joseph Thayer, '14, Biology and Biochemistry majors
Program: January off-campus course Natural History and Conservation Biology of East Africa, January 2013


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Below: Alicia (an elementary education major) is shown with two of the students she worked with in the January 2012 course Education, Healthcare, and Poverty in Peru, taught by Professor Debra Pitton.

Chimbote, Peru 2012