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You will be able to register from abroad before the first date for web registration. The registration materials will NOT be mailed to you. Find information about registration dates and on-line course listings on WebAdvisor.

Registration Information for your Semester of Return to the Gustavus Campus

The Registrar's Office will send an email once courses listings are availalbe on-line. The CICE will send an email reminding you about registration and the process.

(For students studying in international locations, as long as you have on file with the Registrar's Office the Registration for Semester of Return from Study Abroad form, you will need to to pick your courses and send them to the Registrar's Office via phone, fax or email prior to the Registration open date. They will register you on your behalf, in the order that the they recieve them, just prior to courses opening up for general Gustavus students, thus giving you priority.)

  • Your registration priority is valid only if your request for courses arrives in the Registrar's Office before registration begins on the web AND only if you have the Registration for Semester of Return from Study Abroad form on file at the Registrar's Office. This form and complete instructions can be found on your StudioAbroad account.
  • There is no priority for January Interim Level 1 and Level 2 courses.
  • Students studying off-campus on domestic courses must register at their normal time.
  • Your course requests will be processed as they arrive once the semester schedule is set so long as you are cleared to register by the Finance Office and if you have met any course prerequisites and/or obtained any required faculty permission.

Course/registration requests must be sent by email or fax to Phyllis Kuhlman in the Office of the Registrar (FAX 507-933-6258. Office phone 507-933-7495.)

Your advisor's signature indicating approval must be on the Registration for Semester of Return from Study Abroad form, and this form must be on file in the Registrar's Office. You MUST turn in the approval to register/honor code sheet prior to your leaving or you will have to get the approval later. Your advisor cannot clear you to register via the web approval process.

From past experience we have found that certain locations are difficult to reach. Sometimes your breaks are at the very time when you need to register. Please note the following:

  • The course registration date for your term abroad.
  • Bring a catalog so you can check prerequisites or check the on-line catalog.
  • Get your advisor's signature before you go for permission to register.
  • Get your instructor's signature/s before you depart for courses that require permission.
  • Have your Honor Code acceptance on file in the Registrar's Office before you depart.

The Registrar will assist with requirement issues by e-mail. The Master Course Schedule can be found on the Gustavus website

Financial Aid

An online Renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (Renewal FAFSA) should be completed and submitted to the Federal Student Aid Processing Center so that the Financial Aid Office receives the output by mid-April. *WHEN YOU FILE THE FAFSA ON THE WEB YOU USE PIN NUMBERS FOR BOTH STUDENT AND PARENT IN LIEU OF SIGNATURES. * Parents who do not already have their own PIN number should obtain one at

The Gustavus Financial Aid Application is available online or may be picked up in the Gustavus Financial Assistance Office. A copy will be mailed to the home address only at the request of the family. The Gustavus Financial Aid Application should be completed at the same time as the Renewal FAFSA, unless the family does not plan to file a FAFSA. For those not filing a FAFSA, only pages one and four of the Gustavus Application need to be completed and returned. A renewal guide to assist you with common questions and procedures is available online.

As a final reminder, recipients of Minnesota State Grant assistance must complete at least 3.75 credits per semester to retain their full grant.

For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Credit Transfer Guide

Off-campus study credits are recorded as transfer credits, except for the Gustavus' own faculty-led programs in India and Sweden both of which award Gustavus credit and these grades are calculated in the Gustavus GPA.

The following policies on transfer of credits to Gustavus should be kept in mind as you make your study abroad plans. Complete policies for semester and year-long programs can be found here and the Credit for Study Abroad handout can be found on your StudioAbroad page.

Credit and Grades
  • Students studying off-campus for either a semester or year must be registered as full-time Gustavus students.
  • Students normally complete the same number of credits in an off-campus study program as they would at Gustavus. Before making a commitment to an off-campus study program, Gustavus students need to consider their major, minor and general education requirements to ensure that their participation in off-campus study will not hinder their progress toward graduation.
  • Credit earned by the student on approved programs will normally transfer as credit toward graduation, and may fulfill major/minor requirements subject to departmental approval. One successful semester of study abroad in a non-European country satisfies a Non-Western culture requirement (NWEST). Credit may be applied toward other area requirements only with the prior approval of the Registrar.
  • In order for a student to receive credit for their off-campus study experience, they need to achieve a grade of at least a C- in each course they wish to receive credit for. A grade of D+ or below does not transfer back to Gustavus.
  • Courses may not be taken for pass/fail unless that is the only grading option available for the course. In those cases, it must be verified by the off-campus study institution that a "pass" grade meets the standards of a C- or higher in order for the credit to transfer back. Any student taking a course for pass/fail must notify the study abroad advisor prior to taking the course.
  • Transfer credit is awarded only after receipt of an official transcript from the host institution.
  • Courses must not be a repeat of previous coursework or more elementary than previous coursework.
  • Courses must be appropriate for a college liberal arts curriculum (e.g. no intermediate algebra, no wine appreciation courses).
  • Grades earned on a study abroad program appear on the Gustavus transcript but are not figured into the GPA unless the course/program was instructed by a Gustavus faculty member. Letter grades cannot be switched to pass/fail grades.
  • Students do not receive transfer credit if they make their own arrangements to participate in a program approved by Gustavus. If a student is to receive academic credit, application and registration must take place through Gustavus Adolphus College.
  • Occasionally a student takes an approved leave of absence from the College in order to enroll in another institution's off-campus study program. Students should be aware that if they choose to enroll in a program in a country for which the U.S. State Department has issued a Travel Warning, Gustavus Adolphus College will not accept any transfer credit from the non-Gustavus off-campus study program. Gustavus Adolphus College financial aid does NOT apply for students who take a leave of absence from Gustavus Adolphus to participate in a non-Gustavus Adolphus sponsored off-campus study program.
  • Students who take an approved leave of absence to enroll in a program that is not on the Gustavus approved program list may transfer credits subject to approval by the Registrar and the major department.

Other policies may apply.

Counseling Center

When studying off-campus, there are many stresses that students commonly face, including homesickness, culture shock, and differences in customs, values, styles of communication, and systems of education. It is normal to have some struggles when living in new places, and most students handle these challenges with great aplomb.

Sometimes, however, students may develop more serious stress reactions that can lead to depression, anxiety disorders and panic, or other mental health concerns. Students who have had a previous history of these issues may be particularly at risk for relapse while studying off-campus.

If you have a history of depression, anxiety, panic or other mental health concern, we encourage you to talk to a mental health professional in the Gustavus Counseling Center before traveling. The staff in the Counseling Center can help you evaluate which programs may provide the most positive off-campus experience for you, and they can help you anticipate and prepare for some of the adjustments that are predictable when studying off-campus. In addition, they would be able to help you recognize the warning signs of a recurrence of mental health problems, and develop a plan for addressing that situation if it were to occur while you were off-campus.

To make an appointment in the Counseling Center, simply call (507) 933-7027 or drop by the office located in room 204 of the Johnson Student Union, or email the office administrative assistant if you are traveling off-campus.

Career Center

Get career information from the Career Center by completing/updating your profile on G-Net.

Gustavus Postal Services

  • Make sure your friends have your study away address!
  • File a change of address form with credit card companies, magazines, banks, DVD memberships, etc.
  • Check with your department to see if they anticipate any important mail going out the semester or year you are off-campus.
  • Third class (bulk) mail will be discarded.
  • Remember: The sender determines whether the piece is forwarded to your home, returned to the sender, or discarded. The only way to make certain all first-class mail is forwarded to your home is to notify the Gustavus p.o. and all senders of your change of address.

Residential Life

It is your responsibility to inform Residential Life of your email address while you are off-campus. The Housing Selection process works like this for students studying off-campus:

  • If you are gone Fall only:
    • Complete the Housing Contract (available through WebAdvisor).
    • You are removed from your current placement, and will not have this placement when you return.
    • Residential Life gathers information in November about potential spaces. You can email ResLife at that time for more information.
  • If you are gone Spring only:
    • Complete the Housing Contract for the next Fall.
    • You can participate in the Housing Selection on-line from off-campus.
    • You must WATCH YOUR GUSTAVUS EMAIL for more information.
    • Email ResLife for more information.
  • If you are gone the entire year:
    • Be sure to inform Residential Life of your plans.
    • WATCH YOUR GUSTAVUS EMAIL for information about Housing Selection and how to participate.
    • Email ResLife for more information.

Gustavus Technology Services: Information for Students on Study Away

  1. Email and Network Storage Quotas
    1. All students are allowed 1024 MB of space on the network for network storage (Home Directory).
    2. All students are allowed 250MB of space on the network for email storage.
  2. What happens if you go over your quota?
    1. Email Quota:
      1. You will not be able to save your sent messages.
      2. You will not be able to move messages to other folders except your trash folder.
    2. Home Directory Quota
      1. You will receive an error and it will not copy the files to your Home Directory.
  3. Accessing your Home Directory. For more information on this, click here.
  4. Password Expiration.
    1. Once per calendar year you will be forced to change your Gustavus email password. You will receive an email notice from GTS when the time comes.
    2. If you do not change your password, your account will become disabled. You must contact GTS to re-enable the account.
  5. What should you do before you leave campus?
    1. Register your secondary email address with us.
    2. Change your email password before leaving.
    3. Check your email and network storage quota before leaving.
  6. More questions? Contact GTS online, by email, or at 507-933-6111.
  7. GTS News: Web, Twitter, Blog

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