Advising Services - Semester and Year-long Programs

You may SEARCH FOR and APPLY TO approved off-campus semester and year-long programs on StudioAbroad, our program search engine and application system.

The Center for International and Cultural Education has several advising and first-step services to help you select an off-campus study program. The following procedures apply to semester and year-long programs. For January interim program information, contact Linda Shaw, off-campus January interim program coordinator.

Every year, returning study abroad students serve as Peer Advisors. These students meet with Gustavus students to review the many program options, to explain the application procedures and simply to guide and help students through the resources and options available to them. The peer advisors take individual appointments but also hold weekly group Study Abroad Questions sessions.

Schedule a meeting with a peer advisor by signing up on their clipboard located at the front desk of the CICE, in the Carlson International Center (next to Olin Hall.)

In addition to the Peer Advisors, the CICE has a full-time Study Abroad Advisor who works with all students planning to spend a semester or year off-campus on one of Gustavus' approved study abroad programs. The study abroad advisor is available to meet with students to answer program specific questions or to help students make a decision between a couple or a few programs. The study abroad advisor also works with each study abroad student throughout the application and acceptance processes.

Schedule a meeting with the Study Abroad Advisor by signing up on her schedule sheet located at the front desk of the CICE, in the Carlson International Center (next to Olin Hall.)

Here are the steps to follow to get the information you need.

On your own:

  1. Think about the kind of program you want (see Selecting a Program).
  2. Attend a Study Abroad Questions session. These sessions are to get students acquainted with the study abroad programs and procedures at Gustavus. See the Gustavus Calendar for time and date.
  3. Research programs using StudioAbroad.

With our office:

  1. Semester and academic year programs. If you are at the beginning of your program search, or to learn more about Gustavus Approved programs and to narrow down your options, meet with the Study Abroad Peer Advisor. Sign up sheets are available in the CICE.
  2. Semester and academic year programs: Meet with Jill Fischer, Study Abroad Advisor, for more information about program costs, the Gustavus and host institution application process, and for approval to study abroad. Sign up sheets for appointments are at the front desk in the CICE.
  3. Semester and Year-long programs, apply for Gustavus Approval to Study Off-Campus. This process is done via StudioAbroad. Application deadline is March 1 for either fall or spring of the following academic year.
  4. Semester and academic year programs If you have been approved for study away by the Center for International and Cultural Education, you will then be given instructions on how to proceed.
  5. January Interim off-campus programs: Contact Linda Shaw, January Off-Campus Coordinator, with any questions. You may also contact the faculty leader of your January off-campus course.

Questions? Contact Jill Fischer, Study Abroad Advisor (phone 507-933-7546) for semester or academic year programs, or Linda Shaw, January Off-Campus Coordinator (507-933-7150) for January off-campus programs.