Study Away Interns

The mission of the Study Away Interns (SIs) is to provide an inviting and informative atmosphere for learning about study away possibilities at Gustavus, as well as promote and manage study away programs and intercultural experiences. We will strive to accomplish this by providing necessary resources, communicating accurate and timely information, and creating relationships to inspire opportunities for the Gustavus community.

Faculty and staff: If you would like to schedule a classroom or other visit with an SI, please contact Justin Kader.


Meet the Study Away Interns

Jenn Dao, Learning Content & Returnee Engagement Intern
University of Lancaster, England

Emma Gasterland-Gustafsson, Graphic Design Intern
Arts & Performance in London
University of Edinburg,Scotland

Kirsten Jensen, Social Media Intern
Olympic Quest Scandinavia
University College Dublin, Ireland

Bri Jol, Event Planning & Coordination Intern
Sustainable Development Practice in India

Keliyah Perkins, Learning Content & Returnee Engagement Intern
ISLE Program: Language, Culture, and Identity in Sri Lanka

More bio info coming soon!