Study Away Interns

The mission of the Study Away Interns (SIs) is to provide an inviting and informative atmosphere for learning about study away possibilities at Gustavus, as well as promote and manage study away programs and intercultural experiences. We will strive to accomplish this by providing necessary resources, communicating accurate and timely information, and creating relationships to inspire opportunities for the Gustavus community. No appointment is necessary to meet with an intern. See our schedule below. 

Faculty and staff: If you would like to schedule a classroom or other visit with an SI, please contact Justin Kader.

Fall 2018 | Drop-In Advising Schedule

First-come, first-serve


11:30 - 2:30pm

9 - 10:30am

11:30am - 2:30pm

9 - 10am

11:30am - 4:30pm

9 - 10:30am

11:30am - 2:30pm

Diversity Center 12:30 - 1:30pm   12:30 - 2:30pm    
Courtyard Cafe 9 - 10am 1:30 - 2:30pm

9 - 10am

6 - 7pm

10:30am - 12:30pm

6 - 8pm


Norelius (Co-Ed)

5 - 6pm   5 - 6pm    

Meet the Study Away Interns

Jenn DaoLearning Content & Returnee Engagement Intern
University of Lancaster, England

Jenn Bio

Hi Gusties! My name is Giang Dao (you can call me Jenn), a current senior in Public Accounting and Communication Studies. I studied at Lancaster University in Lancaster, United Kingdom during Spring 2018. Studying away was a life-changing experience for me: I had a chance to study in a different academic system, go hiking every weekend and travel from North to South of England as well as other European countries. Overcoming obstacles with essential survival skills and making the most out of the situation are really important lessons that study abroad has brought to me. I am here in CICE as a peer advisor to help you gain such a great experience.

Emma Gasterland-GustafssonGraphic Design Intern
Gustavus Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Lab in Greece & Macedonia
University of Edinburgh,Scotland
Arts & Performance in London

Emma Bio

Hello! My name is Emma Gasterland-Gustafsson and I’m a senior Art History major. I was born and raised Sweden, but I’ve lived in Minnesota for as long as I can remember; I feel lucky that I had the privilege of being raised bilingual. In my time at Gustavus, I’ve had the unique opportunity of getting to study away 3 times.

My first year of college, I traveled with the symphony orchestra to Greece and Macedonia, playing music for high schools in both countries, and the opera house in Skopje, Macedonia! Since I study art history, being face to face with classical sculptures (which I would learn about later when I took a classical archaeology course during my semester away) was incredibly valuable to me, and the things I learned at those museums in Greece are ideas and concepts I constantly use in my study of art history at Gustavus.

In Fall 2017 I studied away at the University of Edinburgh and stayed in the UK for the London 2018 J-term. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of moving to the UK at some point in my life and those 6 months were a real turning point for me in realizing that it could potentially be a possibility! It was also really fun to get to get to foster a different kind of university experience than I have here, with a new environment, new teaching styles, and plenty of new and wonderful people!

Kirsten JensenSocial Media Intern
Olympic Quest: Understanding Sport and Leisure in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland
University College Dublin, Ireland


Hey Gusties! My name is Kirsten Jensen, and I am an International Management and Communication studies double major from Monticello, MN. I was given the opportunity to spend my 2017 J-Term on Olympic Quest: Scandinavia. I spent my 2018 spring semester in Ireland at The University College Dublin, where I broadened my horizons by learning from professors from all over the world. While abroad for a semester, I immersed myself in the culture by visiting 11 countries throughout Europe. I am excited to be an intern this year and help out fellow students find a program that is a perfect fit for them.

Bri Jol, Event Planning & Coordination Intern
Sustainable Development Practice in India

Bri Bio

Hi! My name is Bri Jol, and I am a Biology and Environmental Studies major. I started school (kindergarten) in New Zealand, and I live in Eau Claire, WI now. When I studied away in Bangalore, India, I overcame the struggle of being in a place that appeared dramatically different from the United States - daily life, languages, religion, social constructs, caste system - but yet had many unbelievable, and often difficult to grasp at face value, parallels to the US. Studying away helped me develop an increased, and still growing, sense of self-confidence and independence, as well as global awareness and appreciation. When you study away, immerse yourself, step outside your comfort zone, be adventurous and receptive, curious and engaged, and keep a positive attitude! Your experience, no matter where you travel, study, visit, is what you make it.