Selecting a Program

Study Away Program Listings

Go to StudioAbroad to search for and apply to semester or academic year off-campus study programs or check out the 2015-2016 Approved Programs Brochure (available soon).

  • Gustavus offers its students a list of quality programs which have been reviewed and approved by Gustavus faculty and staff for academic rigor and good student service.
  • We are especially proud of the semester programs led by Gustavus faculty: Justice, Peace & Sustainable Communities (JPSC): Semester in India (every Fall), Semester in Sweden (Spring of odd years), and Living Diversity: Semester in Malaysia (Spring of even years). These programs have been carefully designed to offer interdisciplinary perspectives and a variety of living/learning situations in the specific country. Students receive full transfer credit for the courses taken in these programs.
  • Additional approved programs provide opportunities to study in every area of the world and in a variety of subjects.
  • JANUARY INTERIM PROGRAMS - Stop by the Center for International and Cultural Education or click here for a listing.
  • QUESTIONS? Contact Linda Shaw, January Off-Campus Coordinator.
HOW TO GET STARTED - Semester and Year Long Programs:

First, set up an appointment with a Peer Advisor. Sign up sheets are in the Center for International and Cultural Education. After meeting with a peer advisor, if you have program specific questions or are trying to decide between a couple or a few programs, set up an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor. These sessions will help you consider which programs are the best fit for your individual preferences.

Some important questions to consider as you weigh program options:

  • Are you interested in a shorter period (e.g. a January Interim Off-Campus Program), a semester abroad, or a full year of international or domestic study away?
  • Which program offers the best courses in your specific major?
  • Which countries most interest you?
  • What are your academic and personal reasons for choosing off-campus study?
  • Do you want to improve your skills in speaking a second language?
  • Do you want to study in the "developed" or the "developing" world?
  • Which program is a better fit for your learning style and course needs: classroom study, interdisciplinary study, field study, or internship?

Questions? Contact Jill Fischer, Study Abroad Advisor (phone 507-933-7546) about semester or academic year programs or Linda Shaw for January Interim programs (phone 507-933-7545.)