Selecting a Program

Study Away Program Listings

Go to StudioAbroad (our online program search and application system) to search for and apply to Gustavus-approved study away programs.

  • Gustavus sponsors a predetermined list of excellent study away programs that have been reviewed and approved by Gustavus faculty and staff for academic rigor, strong intercultural learning, and reliable student service.
  • The flagship programs are those adminsitered directly by Gustavus or by consortia (groups) of colleges in which Gustavus is a member. These programs are marked by a yellow star in the online system. They include:
  • Additional approved programs provide opportunities to study and/or intern in nearly every part of the world and in a variety of subjects. Search here.
  • If the entire list of approved programs does not accommodate your specific academic needs, you may petition to study in a program that it is not listed. For instructions, please contact Roger Adkins.



Some important questions to consider as you weigh program options:

  • Are you interested in a shorter period (e.g. a January Interim), a semester abroad, or a full year of international or domestic study away?
  • Which program offers the best courses in your specific major (or the courses that you wish to complete during the time period in question)?
  • Which countries or regions of the world most interest you?
  • What are your academic and personal reasons for choosing to study away?
  • Do you want to improve your skills in speaking a second (third, etc.) language?
  • What is your budget for study away program costs?
  • Which program model is most appealing to you: exchange, faculty-led, direct enrollment, internship, field research, or other?

Questions? See the Advising for Study Away page for more assistance.