Program Costs and Sources of Support

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Understanding Study Away Program Costs

In general, study away program costs break down into three big categories:

  • Tuition and fees that must be paid to Gustavus Adolphus College
  • Specific program fees that must be paid to Gustavus and/or another agency or organization
  • Direct, personal costs that you will incur for items not included in your program fees

How these fees add up for any given program depends on the type of program you choose:

  • In J-Term programs offered by Gustavus or through J-Term exchange, your Gustavus tuition for the year already covers the program tuition. However, there will be a program fee for the costs of the travel, the use of facilities and housing abroad, excursions, guest speakers, and other specific costs. In an external J-Term program, you will pay the full program fee assessed by the program provider.
  • In exchange programs, Gustavus students will pay their full Gustavus tuition at home and then will not have to pay any tuition at the host institution abroad. Room and board may be paid either at home or abroad, depending on how your specific exchange program is managed. You may sometimes have to pay modest fees to the host institution for things like student activities or course-specific fees (e.g., for films shown in a film class, or lab/supply fees for a science or art class).
  • In other semester or academic-year programs, you will pay to Gustavus both your full Gustavus tuition and a program fee that constitutes the difference between your Gustavus Tuition Contribution and the full price of the program.

The Gustavus Tuition Contribution. The College contributes a portion of a student's tuition toward the cost of the selected program. The specific amount varies depending on the specific type of program selected. Please contact Roger Adkins with questions about the tution contribution.

Personal Expenses. In addition to the costs listed above, students will also have personal, out-of-pocket costs for any type of study away program, though the number and amount of these costs will vary by program type and by individual program. Some programs do not include airfare, and other common personal costs include: some or all meals, ground transportation at the local site, books and supplies, incidentals, and personal travel. An estimated budget for all but personal travel costs is provided to Financial Aid to help determine your offical "cost of attendace" for the term(s) of the study away program. (Personal travel is not considered a required expense and cannot be covered by financial aid funds.)

Program Cost Calculator Worksheet

Use the appropriate Gustavus Program Cost Calculator worksheet to create an estimate of your total costs of participation:

Cost Calculator Worksheet for 2018-19

Please let us know if you have any questions about how to use the worksheet.

Scholarships for Study Away

There are many scholarships offered specifically for studying away, but many have early deadlines so plan ahead! A study away advisor can help you determine which scholarships you are eligible for and how to apply. Browse scholarship options here: [Full scholarship info]

Using Your Gustavus Financial Aid

Most forms of financial aid, and most general scholarships, can be applied toward the costs of study away participation. There are, however, some limitations.

A few general notes:

  • CICE will provide a cost estimate for each student approved for a study away program.
  • Students who have questions about how their financial aid applies to study away costs may confer with the Financial Aid staff. Financial aid applies toward Gustavus-approved programs, with the exception of work-study awards for the term you will be abroad.
  • Students are reminded that they are not allowed to earn their work-study award while they are abroad, but they may be able earn their full year work-study award working additional hours the term they are on campus (see the Financial Aid office).
  • Occasionally a student takes an approved leave of absence from the College in order to enroll in another institution's study away program. Gustavus Adolphus College financial aid does NOT apply for students who take a leave of absence from Gustavus Adolphus to participate in a non-Gustavus Adolphus sponsored study away program.
  • For students using tuition exchange programs (e.g., if a parent works for Concordia College), the tuition exchange discount applies toward the cost of participating in semester and academic-year programs but does not affect the costs for J-Term or summer programs.
  • Students interested in summer study away programs should note that Gustavus does not have summer term financial aid awards. Please consult the Gustavus financial aid office for options.

For more information, consult the Gustavus financial aid office.