Online Resources

There is an endless amount of resources online, but here are just a few that we suggest. They can help you expand upon your experience or process the return home.

Engaging Study Abroad - is a website that will provide you some context and tools to help you process your expereince

Matador: Check out this webzine dedicated to travel writing and cross-cultural issues. You can also submit your own writings to them.

Abroad View Magazine: The Abroad View Foundation is an international organization that fosters global awareness and cross-cultural understanding among study abroad students and international students. They offer many writing and photo contests as well.

Maximizing Study Abroad: Excellent site for processing the experience. You can order the book or downloads portions of it for free. The CICE has a copy in their library as well.

Transitions Abroad: For over 30 years, Transitions Abroad magazine has been the only publication dedicated to work, study, living, and cultural immersion travel abroad. A site with books, information and currently a writing contest with prizes up to $500! Click here to go straight to the writing contest page.

What's Up With Culture: An online resource created to help students prepare for and process study abroad experiences. I encourage you all to look at it, particularly the 2.4 Module, What did you learn abroad?.

Bookstores Online: Intercultural Press or Nafsa for some excellent books, but also ideas of how/where/when to go abroad again.