On-Campus Resources

There are many ways to continue your processing of the experience you've just had. Here are some on the places and ideas that can assist you on campus.

CICE Office: Just a reminder that our door is open if you want to chat about your study abroad experience, reentry issues, or even just to share pictures.

Academic Advisor: Upon your return, be sure to check in with you Academic Advisor to talk about your GAC course plan, degree requirements, and/or changes in major or minor.

Counseling Center: If you want to talk to someone about your experience or about re-entry shock: don't forget about the GAC Counseling Center (933-7027). In addition, you may want to seek out students from your group or seek out others who have been abroad as they will have a better understand of you're going through.

Career Development: Putting your experience abroad to use when applying and searching for jobs is always a benefit. The staff in the Career Center can assist you in this task. Contact them at 933-7575.


  • Participate in the Tales from Abroad discussion series.
  • Join the CICE for the Re-Entry Pizza Party. It happens every semester to allow returnees the chance to share their adventure abroad.
  • Submit a photo to the International Photo Contest held every fall.
  • Join a cultural club on campus, like the International Cultures Club.
  • Apply to be a Peer Advisor for CICE. Contact Bryan Messerly for more information.
  • Write a Statement or Profile for the CICE to help encourage others to study abroad.
  • For a list of even more ideas click here.