Meet Naweed Ahmadzai

















Why did you choose Gustavus?
I fit in the Gustavus campus much easier than any other place I visited. I loved the campus and how everything was close and interconnected. Gustavus showed much interest in having students with different backgrounds, beliefs and ideals to be part of its environment. They showed a global interest which intrigued me and made me really excited to be coming here and share a part of who I am.

What has been your favorite academic experience?
Taking “Individual and Morality” has been definitely the highlight of my first year. I realized how much I really liked philosophy after the first week.  I actually looked forward to my early morning class. Professor Huff’s lectures always made me think about things that I did not make time to think about outside of class, and to look at issues with completely different perspectives. I read plays that I had read before in high school with a completely new outlook. I found that really fascinating and I always felt like I learned something valuable about life after leaving that class.

What is your favorite food in the Market Place?

I love the Mexican burritos, and I always look forward to Victor’s yummy gyros on Fridays.

What is your favorite Gustavus tradition?
The Gustie rouser.