International Student Activities

International Friendship Families

The International Friendship Families is a program that matches each Gustavus international student with a host family in St. Peter community. The friendship program offers the possibility of a mutually rewarding relationship between an American family and an international student, giving each the opportunity to learn from each other. Students do not live with their friendship families, but they usually have an opportunity to have some meals in the home of their friendship family, attend events, or go on area trips. It is up to each family and student to arrange get-togethers, and you are free to do as much or as little together as you and your friendship family are comfortable with.         


International Cultures Club

The International Cultures Club (ICC) is open to all interested students. ICC encourages an appreciation of cultural diversity and international awareness. Guest lecturers, international dinners, trips to Minneapolis/St. Paul and other cities, participation in the ICC Festival and the International Festival at Mankato are among the many activities of this group. Each year the ICC sponsors an International Festival on campus where students and faculty display pictures and items from their home countries. The ICC members also entertain at this event (talent show and fashion show, typically). It is an event that is well attended by both the College and St. Peter Community.    


International Student Chapel Service

International Students are invited to present readings in their native language at the chapel service. The theme is usually peace and the fellowship of all humankind.



Visit local schools

There are opportunities for international students to share their country's traditions and a bit of culture with the children in the local schools.

School Visit