CICE Mission and Values

Advancing the intercultural mission of Gustavus Adolphus College

The mission of the CICE is to foster compassion, empathy, and global and social responsibility by providing abundant opportunities for intercultural experiences while encouraging individuals to challenge themselves intellectually and personally toward a deeper understanding of our interconnected world. Our values align very closely with the Core Values of the College:

We are committed to offering intellectually, socially, and emotionally engaging intercultural programming that both cultivates and reflects a rigorous approach in experiential learning grounded in the liberal arts.

We understand community as being at once a local and a global and borderless phenomenon, and we are deeply committed to fostering intercultural communities that embrace and build upon the diverse strengths in our cultural differences.

We believe that functional intercultural communities must attend to matters of social, economic, and environmental justice, and we build our programming to reflect this value. The liberally educated person should be equipped to make the world a better place.

We understand that intercultural interactions must be reciprocal – that we each gain extraordinary gifts and lessons when we provide service to one another. We further believe that service learning should reflect the self-identified needs of the host culture(s) in which the service is fulfilled.

We value the great diversity of faith and belief in our intercultural world as well as the unifying themes of compassion, hope, and responsibility for taking care of one another.