Philosophy on Internationalized Education

Open RoadGustavus Adolphus College is committed to providing a cross-cultural and internationalized perspective both on the campus and in off-campus environments.  This approach is essential to a quality education, to building scholarly standing, to augmenting service to society and to developing a critical awareness of the common problems facing the world. We value diversity and cohesion, and acknowledge that there are many different ways of knowing. Internationalized education at Gustavus should move students to understand the richness of culture, the complexities of religion, economics and ethnicity, the nuances of power, and the histories of many peoples, which result in different worldviews. Our goal is to prepare students who can communicate freely with others in the realm of ideas, think critically, and who can act as responsible, concerned citizens of an ever-changing world.

To achieve the goals stated above, the Center for International and Cultural Education (CICE) works with the members of the International and Domestic Programs Committee (IDPC), as well as with other community members, in pursuing a vigorous program of internationalization that includes on-campus courses, an integrated student life program, and works to attract international students and scholars to the campus.

Material on the Information for Faculty pages is from the IDPC Program Manual originally approved by the faculty on May 5, 2008. Revisions approved April 30, 2010.