Mentoring Program

To provide opportunities for Gustavus Adolphus College faculty members to gain experience in leading study away programs, we encourage prospective Faculty Directors without experience to request a mentorship apointment as the Program Services Coordinator. Mentees are placed with experienced Faculty Directors (the mentors) and serve as their PSCs (helping with logistics and emergencies) while observing the role of the Faculty Director. Prospective Faculty Directors are welcome to serve as PSCs in a mentorship arrangement multiple times before proposing their own programs.

Note that, like all PSCs, mentees are not scheduled to teach during the J-Term course (and will likely have a 3-0-3 teaching load on campus). That said, sometimes experienced Faculty Directors also invite an inexperienced faculty member to serve as the Faculty Co-Director, in which case both inidviduals are appointed for teaching the course (subject to the approval of the Provost's office and Deans).

Just like other PSCs, mentees's costs of participation are covered. See the Policies page for more information.

Interested faculty members who would like to seek an appointment as a mentee/PSC should contact CICE director Roger Adkins.