Teaching J-Term Study Away Courses

A unique opportunity for teaching in an immersion setting

January Interim Experience travel courses are central to the Gustavus Adolphus College intercultural mission. Such courses are designed to capitalize on opportunities unique to the locations where they are taught and to integrate classroom instruction and experiential learning activities into a well-conceived whole.

The January Off-Campus Interim Experience differs from the regular semester in two principal ways: its brief length, approximately four weeks; and the immersion of students and faculty in a highly focused academic pursuit for that time period. Because of these differences, the mission of January Interim Experience is to provide ways for faculty and students to take advantage of this Interim’s unique qualities in developing courses and other learning opportunities that enrich and expand upon the College’s regular semester curricular offerings. The Interim Experience calls for balancing educational tradition with innovation, study within a general framework that is likely to be interdisciplinary and culturally focused in perspective, and preparation of students to lead lives of leadership and service. January Interim Experience study away courses are innovative, experimental, and/or interdisciplinary.

General Policies on J-Term Study Away Programs

Please follow this link above to access the general policies disclosure for J-Term faculty-led programs: General_Policies


Policy on Service Providers for Faculty-Led Programs

This policy disclosure addresses the need for a partner organization (in rare cases, an individual) serving as the Service Provider. All programs must have a contracted Service provider from the 2016-17 academic year.  Service_Provider_Policy

For a current list of available program partners, please contact Roger Adkins.

Proposals for New and Returning J-Term Study Away Courses

A link to the online proposal system may be found in the Curriculum Committee website. 2018 J-Term proposals are due on September 16, 2016.

Handout on how to use the online proposal system:  J-Term_Proposal_instructions_2018
For a current list of available program partners, please contact Roger Adkins.
Handout on Gustavus vs. UMAIE options: Gustavus_vs_UMAIE


Proposals for UMAIE J-Term Study Away Courses

Some Gustavus faculty members may prefer to propose courses via the UMAIE Consortium, an intercollegiate consortium that collaboratively offers J-Term study abroad courses. For a course idea that is likely to appeal to a narrower population of students, due to a niche topic or unusual destination(s), the advantage of proposing through UMAIE is that UMAIE courses are open and publicized to students on all participating campuses. This option can sometimes help make possible programs that may not have been viable with Gustavus as the only recruiting base. The proposal form is a fillable Word document.  2018 J-Term proposals are due on September 16, 2016.

Handout on Gustavus vs. UMAIE options: Gustavus_vs_UMAIE


Still have questions? Please feel free to contact Roger Adkins, Director of the Center for International and Cultural Education.