Program Development Fund

The Center for International and Cultural Education can provide a limited amount of funding to enable faculty to visit an off-campus site or to bring an individual from a current program site to Gustavus. Generally the amount will range from $500-$2000, depending on the purpose of the request. A request for funding can be made for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. To begin steps to pilot a new program;
  2. To get faculty, staff, and/or administrators to a site to become familiar with the operation and/or individuals and/or institutions in hopes of building a stronger connection between the campus and the off-campus site for purpose of program support or student recruitment;
  3. To check on the progress of students/program at a particular site either as part of an established periodic assessment program or as the result of a perceived need to examine a program in greater detail;
  4. To strengthen the ties between the campus and the off-campus individuals and/or programs and/or institutions.

A request for funding a visit from individuals at an off-campus site to the Gustavus campus can be made for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. To plan, develop, or improve arrangements for off-campus programs;
  2. Purely for ceremonial/public relations reasons (i.e., honorary degrees);
  3. To explore possible new programs;
  4. To begin steps to pilot a new program.

The goal of the Center for International and Cultural Education is to provide a fair and equitable system for access to site visit and program development funds. Decisions on funding of site visits will be based on finding the most economical plans in terms of human and financial resources. Requests for funding for one-time only site visits are accepted on a rolling basis. Two-thirds of the available funds will be allocated to those requests which are approved and one-third will be held back for emergency or unplanned necessary visits. Some funds might be available through other budget areas of the College (i.e., administrative budgets). Applicants are encouraged to pursue these possibilities.

Recipients of Program Development funds will be expected to collaborate with CICE during the academic year in exchange for use of program development funds. Examples of possible collaboration could be to review potential program options, recruit students for Gustavus faculty-led semester programs or January Interim off-campus courses, serve as consultants in special student application cases, advocate on campus for international initiatives, etc. In addition, recipients of Program Development funds must provide a written report to the Director of CICE upon return. See guidelines below.

Application Form

Guidelines for Program Development Site Visits (to be covered in Final Report to CICE)

Material on the Information for Faculty pages is from the IDPC Program Manual originally approved by the faculty on May 5, 2008. Revisions approved April 30, 2010.