Study Away Fair coming up on November 12

Study Away Fair, Thursday November 12, from 4:00 to 6:30 pm, Heritage Room

The annual Study Away Fair is a chance to learn about all of our study away program opportunities in one setting. Speak with past participants, visiting international students, program representative s, and staff members from the CICE to learn more about the programs in which you are interested. We will have program brochures and handouts, numerous program representatives in attendance, and refreshments (including frost-your-own cookies). Please join us!


Bryden Giving receives Academic Excellence Award from DIS

Gustavus senior Bryden Giving, who studied in the DIS Copenhagen Child Development and Diversity program in the summer of 2015, was recently awarded the Academic Excellence Award for his program. The award is given to students identified by faculty members as creative, reflective, curious, compassionate, and active participants in their courses. Read the full story here.


Search for a program in our online program and application system. You are also encouraged to meet with one of our Peer Advisors to learn more about your off-campus study options and application procedures.