Quantum Chemistry


Course will cover the development of the fundamentals of quantum chemistry from the treatment of the electronic structure of the hydrogen atom through that of benzene and beyond. Quantum mechanical treatment of rotational and vibrational motion of molecules will also be covered, leading to a detailed picture of molecular structure and the insights that can be gained through spectroscopy. Laboratory work will include a combination of spectroscopic and computational projects. This course will provide a solid basis for understanding and applying molecular modeling and spectroscopy to a broad range of chemical and biological problems.

Library Resources:
QC174 - QC174.12 Quantum Mechanics
QD453 - QD469 Quantum Chemistry

Course class web page:

Computational Resources:
ab initio thermochemistry
Gustavus Computational Server

Maple Resources:
Chemistry 372 Maple Tips
Maple Physical Chemistry Web Site
Harmonic Oscillator Classical Turning Point
Huckel Molecular Orbital Theory

Experimental Work
Experimental Investigations



Why are these compounds colored?

What can their color tell us about the electronic structure of these compounds? (As well, where did the mice come from?)


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