Tue, 18 Apr 2000 22:32:00

From: "Sarah J. Spessard"
Subject: Say NO to drugs!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow night (at 7:08, as usual) Jeremy and I will be giving our talk about the chemistry of NO involved in drugs. And I promise, biochemistry ONLY when necessary. We will cover everything from economics to history to classic organic synthesis, and yes, even Viagra. (Sorry, no free samples, but we will show you how to make it!) We don't really have anything you need to read ahead of time, but maybe it might be good just to review some of the articles we got at the beginning of the semester ("Science says 'Yes' to NO" and "NO--its role in the control of blood pressure"), since I'm sure you've all already read them :)

See you tomorrow!


"A day in the mountains is worth a mountain of books."
~John Muir