Chemistry Special Topics (Chemistry Capstone), Spring 2000

Biochemistry of Nitric Oxide and Carbon Monoxide

Instructors: Brian O'Brien & Tom Gover
Students: Cara Brown, Jeremiah Depta, Kelda Furbush, Tom Grys, Aaron Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Gina Kime, Ryan Nelson, Sarah Spessard, Christine Torborg, Jeremy Weaver, Tim Wilson
Other Faculty Participants: John Lammert, Mike Ferragamo, Jonathan Smith

Schedule of Presentations

Inorganic Background - March 1 & March 8
Non-metal chemistry of NO                                                                                  Brian
Inorganic coordination chemistry of NO, CO, and O2

Hemoglobin & Myoglobin - March 15
Coordination chemistry of hemoglobin and myoglobin                                          Jeff & Tim
S-nitrosylation of hemoglobin, hemoglobin as an NO-transport molecule,
   synthetically modified hemoglobin and its use in artificial blood

NO Biosynthesis & Action - March 22, April 5
Biosynthesis of NO                                                                                              Gina, Christine,
Transport and mechanisms of action of endogenous NO                                       & Aaron
    1. neural
    2. vascular

NO an an Endogenous Weapon - April 12
Use of NO as a molecular weapon by macrophages                                              Ryan & Jeremiah

Seminar - Dr. John Tainer, The Scripps Research Institute, Friday, April 14, 8:00 a.m.
After linking, scroll down to the section dealing with a paper titled
"Structure of Nitric Oxide Synthase Oxygenase Dimer with Pterin and Substrate".

Drugs: Synthesis and Action - April 19
Drugs designed to influence NO-mediated processes                                            Sarah & Jeremy

Virtual NO - April 26
Virtual NO as a component of neural network computing                                      Kelda

CO Biochemistry - May 3, May 10
Biosynthesis of CO                                                                                             Cara & Tom
Transport and mechanisms of action of endogenous CO

some possible alternative topics are italicized
Plant biochemistry of ethylene [biosynthesis, binding via a Cu(I) protein]
Biochemistry of nitrous oxide (N2O)
Other O2 Carriers (copper or non-heme iron-based)

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