Gustavus Chemistry Department

2004-2005 Seminar Schedule

Seminars are on Fridays at 3:00 pm in NHS 201 unless otherwise noted.

Feb. 11
Analytical and Physical Chemistry at Ecolab: Shared Resource Support of
Technical Service and New Product Development.


Dr. Steve Lange


Feb. 18
Understanding the allosteric mechanism of the Ni(II)-dependent activation of DNA-binding by the NikR protein.


Feb. 25
NMR Spectroscopy for Everyone: from No-D to a Sea Lamprey Pheromone


Dr. Tom Hoye

U.MN (Twin Cities)

March 4
No Seminar
March 11
Hunting Tiny Elephants: Bioanalytical Chemistry in the Food and Biotechnology Industries.
Dr. Joseph Dalluge


March 18
A Renaissance in Fluorocarbonyl Chemistry at 3M-A Success Story


Fred Behr


March 22
Merck AAAS invited speaker
Dr. Arpad Vass

Oak Ridge National Labs

March 25
Spring Break
April 8
Adventures in Synthesis, or, Formic Acid is my Friend


Dr. David Lewis

U. Wisconsin, Eau-Claire

April 15
Monitoring Neurotransmitter Dynamics Using Online Microdialysis-Capillary Electrophoresis


Dr. Mike Bowser

U MN (Twin Cities)

April 22
Chemical Probes of the Catalytic Mechanism of UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase


Erin Carlson

U. Wisc.

April 29
Erbium-Doped Optical Fibers: Chemistry, Preparation, and Use in Optical Amplifiers for the Internet
Dr. Mark Anderson


May 6
Sigma Xi Symposium
GAC Students
May 13
Hacker Award and Chemistry Picnic
May 20
No Seminar (Finals)

Fall 2004

Sept. 10
No Seminar
Sept. 17
Introductions/ Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Opportunities
Dr. Larry Potts


Sept 24
Sulfur Isotopic Insights into Sedimentary Sulfur Cycling and Organic Sulfur Formation
Dr. Joe Werne

(U.MN Duluth)

Oct. 1
Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Opportunities
Dr. Scott Bur

Dr. Jeff Jeremiason


Oct 8.
No Seminar (Nobel Conference)
Oct. 15
Science of Mixed Water - Methanol - Ethanol Clusters Implications in Biology and Drug Design
Dr. Kattesh Katti

(U. Missouri)

Oct. 22
To Be Announced
Oct. 29
Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Opportunities
Dr. Jeff Dahlseid

Dr. Brian O'Brien


Nov. 5
Small Molecule Modulators of Cell Death: Synthesis and Identification of Novel Anti-Cancer, Anti-Neurodegenerative, and Anti-Bacterial Compounds
Dr. Paul Hergenrother

(U. Illinois)

Nov. 12
An Anionic Metal Center and a Tertiary Amine: What's an Electrophile to do?
Paul Fischer


Nov. 19
Function and Destruction of Protein Folding Catalysts: The Pro Region-Mediated Folding of Alpha-Lytic Protease and S. Griseus Protease B
Erin Cunningham


Nov. 26
No Seminar (Thanksgiving break)
Dec. 3
New Approaches to the Medicinal Chemistry of Alzheimer's Disease
Dr. Dan Quin

(U. Iowa)

Dec. 10
Dec. 17
No Seminar (Finals)