Volunteer and Ministry Opportunities

Gustavus students have a wealth of opportunities for ministry and volunteer work during their student careers. Often, these experiences lead students to choose volunteer employment after graduation in programs like the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and many others.

This page is designed to help students connect with offices and programs on campus that can help them gain volunteer and ministry experiences. In addition, the page contains links to agencies with available summer and post-graduate service work, as well as to seminaries and graduate schools that help prepare students for ministry.

Campus Service and Ministry Resources

Gustavus students volunteer in Saint Peter and the surrounding communities through the Community-based Service and Learning programs, as well as through their involvement in student groups that value service, such as Gusties Against Poverty, Athletes in Action, Alpha Phi Omega, and many others.

Ministry opportunities are also available through the Office of Church Relations, such as supply preaching at Minnesota congregations, or leading lock-ins through Gustavus Youth Outreach. 

Post-graduate and Summer Service Opportunities

Gustavus students have volunteered or found internships and employment at many of the following agencies. This list is an excellent starting point if you are interested in summer or post-graduate service work, but it is not an exhaustive list.

ELCA Seminaries

Divinity Schools

The following are some of the Divinity Schools Gustavus faculty and alumni have attended. Again, this list is a good starting point rather than an exhaustive listing.