Unique Gustavus Career Opportunities

Gustavus Mentoring Program

Develop meaning and impactful relationships with Gustavus Alumni. Mentoring pairs work together to: 

  • Assist in preparing students for the transition to professional life upon graduation
  • Realization that many career paths are non-linear and encourage students to keep an open mind and explore varied possibilities
  • Accept coaching to enhance and develop interpersonal, professional, and leadership skills
  • Assist in building a professional network


Mayo Innovation Scholars Program

The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program is an innovative experiential learning opportunity for students at participating private colleges and universities in Minnesota. Students are provided with first-hand research and marketability analysis experience with leading Mayo inventors and researchers. Students work in teams of four, with at least one science major and one business major on each team, to complete research projects that ultimately assist Mayo Clinic Ventures in the assessment of ideas for new products submitted by Mayo Clinic researchers.

Gustavus Pre-Health January Interim Career Exploration

This learning opportunity is designed specifically for Gustavus students to follow and observe the patient/provider relationship and subsequent interactions, diagnostics and treatment. During an observation experience, the student will not touch, diagnose, treat, or otherwise participate in patient care. The experience is observation only. This Pre-Health Career Exploration is a unique opportunity to spend 30+ hours per week in a health care setting for the January Interim Term. 

Gustavus Health Professions Signature Shadowing and Volunteer Programs

These learning opportunites are designed specifically for Gustavus students to follow and observe the patient/provider relationship or serve as a volunteer.

Career Expo!

Listen to students, with a variety of majors and career interest clusters represented, present their career experiences - how they found them, what they did, and what they learned. 

  • Fall 2022 Career Expo! will be in the Jackson Campus Center on Thursday, October 6 at 9:30 am, for more information contact Cynthia at cfavre@gustavus.edu
  • View past Expo Videos here

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