The Job Search

Helpful Resources

  • Each year employers conduct interviews on campus. This is a great opportunity since employers come to you! Find the schedule of employers visiting campus on the GustieJobs calendar (search for campus interviews on the calendar). Submit your résumé to positions and follow interview sign-up directions. Come to Career Development for all campus interviews and we will direct you to locations. It is expected that candidates will be in professional dress for ALL interviews (yes internship interviews too!).
  • View Job Listings - by interest areas

  • Gustie Jobs is used by Career Development as the primary tool to communicate with candidates and employers and post jobs. See GustieJobs Student Quick Start Guide for details.
  • LinkedIn is a great way to connect and find job and internship opportunities.
  • MN Private College Job & Internship Fair lists opportunities of participating employers
  • NACE Salary Calculator Helpful tool to help figure out a starting salary if asked to provide one.


Use the Internet Wisely

  • The Internet is a huge resource for finding career information! Employer websites are one of the best places to do job search research, often containing a career or employment section. Do not be afraid to use search engines like Google to research employers and find information about organizations.
  • Caution: It is easy to spend a lot of time on the Internet finding career information and not actually becoming a candidate for jobs! If you are job searching, take care that you do not spend too much time surfing.



Updated 8/23/2013 JMV