Health Care

Job Listings

MN Dept. of Health

The MN Dept. of Health hires several hundred employees a year to fulfill its mission of "protecting, maintaining, and improving the health of all Minnesotans." Search open positions here.

MN Health Care Jobs Bank

A great resource for a variety of jobs in the health care field located in Minnesota.

MN Hospital Jobs

Tailor your job search to the hospital that best meets your experience, education, and interest.

Nursing Jobs

A free job board focused on providing a free job listings service for Nursing Jobs in America.

Nurse Recruiter

A free job listing site where you can search and apply for jobs.



Job Resources

Green Careers Guide

Information about careers in holistic alternative medicine, including training needs and entrepreneurship opportunities.

LifeScience Alley

Minnesota-based trade association providing access to industry leaders, education and networking opportunities, as well as insights into current trends, regulations, research, and emerging technologies.


The application service for schools of public health. Offers an overview, checklist, program search, and application materials, amongst other resources.

What is Public Health

Provides information about the meaning of public health, the impact of public health, and various careers in public health. Great site.



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