Biomedical Science
Pre-Requisite Requirements

Sample Curriculum of pre-requisite courses for Biomedical Sciences @ Gustavus

First Year:

BIO 101 Principles of Biology
CHE 107 Principles of Chemistry
FTS 100
MCS 121 or 118/119
BIO 102 Organismal Biology
CHE 141 Organic Chemistry I
MCS 122


Second Year:

CHE 251 Organic Chemistry II
BIO 201 Cell and Molecular
CHE 258 Inorganic Chemistry I
BIO 202 Evolution, Eco. & Behav.
MCS 142


Junior Year:

CHE 255 Biochemistry
BIO 374 Genetics
PHY 122/121 Physics w/ calculus w/lab
CHE 270 Quantitative Analysis
BIO 386 Comparative Physiology
PHY 172/171 Physics II w/ calculus w/lab


Senior Year:

CHE 371 Kinetics and Thermodynamics
BIO 381 Immunology
CHE 360 Proteins
BIO 388 Molecular Genetics

The courses listed above show what a representative Biomedical Science program may look like; however pre-requisite requirements vary between institutions. Be sure to check with the schools to which you are interested in applying to determine their specific requirements.
Research experience is an essential requirement for acceptance into a program. This may be accomplished at Gustavus in conjunction with faculty research or performed during a summer internship at a major university or research facility. Science faculty will have knowledge of these opportunities.


Application Process:

Applications to the graduate programs must be obtained early and directly from the graduate program of choice. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test also is required and scores should reflect strong academic ability. Complete your application as soon as possible as many programs have a deadline as early as January.
A complete application includes: A personal statement, official transcripts of courses from each college or university attended, at least three letters of recommendation (including letters from research mentors), and your latest GRE report.



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