Search for Schools

Making the Decision to Go

Examine your life and career goals to determine why you wish to go to graduate school. Consider the costs of graduate school, and examine the possible advantages that a higher degree might offer, like more job options and a higher salary. However, graduate school will be necessary for those interested in a professional degree like law, medicine or mental health.

When to go?

For some students, it may be helpful to work for some time before attending graduate school. Ask yourself what may be the advantages and disadvantages of waiting a few years before pursuing graduate study in your field.

Researching Your Options

There are a lot of resources out there to help you find the right school for you. These are two good ones to get you started:

Look at the requirements, check their application deadlines, and see if you need to take a standardized test. Make contact at your prospective schools by calling the admissions office and asking questions. Set up a visit to meet with a Graduate Admission Representative and connect with professors and current students. 

Graduate School Fairs can also be a great way to connect with potential schools

For more details on these events and a full list of all events visit Career Development Events.

Part of a successful search is asking the right questions. Consider these questions to ask as you compare schools.

Updated 4/14/16 JK