Recommendations & References

Employers and education programs seek references from students and are typically seeking 3-5 people they may contact. Students are told that these should be people who know them well enough to speak to their performance as an employee, student, athlete, musician, volunteer, etc.

When asked to be a reference, it is ok to ask for the student to provide you with their current résumé, the types of places they are applying and their timeframe for applying. Do know that you can decline being a reference for any student that you do not feel that you know well enough.


Please ask any current pre-health applicants (MD, DO, PA, Dental, Pharmacy, PT, OT and Veterinary) to complete this form to request letters: Gustavus Letter of Recommendation Online System


Guidelines for writing a letter of evaluation for Medical School Applicants:


Updated 7/20/2016 HB