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Technologies to Facilitate Learning

Alternative Text Formats

Students with alternative text accommodations have several options to access books. Accessibility Resources staff will assist students in the process of getting books in alternative format if this accommodation is determined. Our students use Learning Ally to listen to audio books and Read&Write software to have books read to them. Finding books in alternative format can take time so it is beneficial to request books as soon as possible, preferably before the start of the semester. Braille and Nemeth Code (a Braille code for mathematics) will also be made available if required.

Read&Write Gold

Read&Write Gold is literacy software that supports reading, writing, study skills and research. It can be used to read text aloud from Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, and the four major web browsers.

Features include: text-to-speech, word prediction, mind mapping, screen masking, dictionaries and highlighters. Read&Write Gold has many how to videos available in drop downs within the program. Please make an appointment with CARE (507-933-7227) if you would like to have a CARE staff give you a tutorial or answer questions about this program.

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Learning Ally

Learning Ally is a site that offers books in audio format to students with disabilities. Once given access by Accessibility Resources staff, students can search for books. Students download Read Hear software from this site and can listen to audio books from their own computer or device.

If a student is not able to find books on Learning Ally, communicate this to Accessibility Resources staff by telling them the title, author, publishing date, and ISBN. Accessibility Resources staff will locate books and instruct students to access Kurzweil 3000 or its online partner Firefly to read books aloud.

Smart Pen

Smartpens record lectures while you take notes. Students can listen to recorded lectures and go back to what was spoken when they wrote notes. Accessibility Resources has a limited number of these pens for students to loan out for a semester.



Inspiration is software that helps people: organize thoughts and ideas, brainstorm and visualize ideas with maps and diagrams, make sense of complex concepts and projects, build critical thinking and reasoning skills, organize for studying, and build study skills and note taking skills.

This software is available for anyone to use on the 9 iMacs on Level 1 of the library. It is also on the computers in the Mattson Lab; this lab is available to all students.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a free app that can be used as a time management tool. This app tracks and reports how time has been spent on the computer.