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In the early 1990s the Inter-Greek Senate was formed to oversee the reinstatement process for Greek organizations returning to campus. Today, the Inter-Greek Senate promotes a unified, well-balanced and respected Greek community. It does so by supporting committed individuals who devote themselves to the values of leadership, service, and scholarship. Inter-Greek Senate acts as a liaison between the Greek community and the rest of the college community, as a governing body for the Greek community, and as a source of unity and structure for the entire Greek community.


The Inter-Greek Senate is comprised of members of the Greek community.

Position Name Chapter Email
Co-President Olivia Ward Alpha Sigma Tau
Co-President Kam Schaefer  Theta Xi Gamma
Finance Isabel Gerencer Sigma Sigma Sigma
Secretary Kristi Manning Alpha Sigma Tau
Unity Brandi Haar Alpha Sigma Tau
Unity David Schabelski Kappa Sigma Chi
Community Service Lauren Ihle Theta Xi Gamma
Community Service Alex Eichner Tau Psi Omega
Educational Sarah Bale Alpha Sigma Tau
New Member Education Isabel Gerencer Sigma Sigma Sigma
New Member Education Tristan Schissler-Sjoberg Kappa Sigma Chi
Public Relations Currently Vacant    
Scholarship Jessica Nelson Alpha Sigma Tau
Advisor Julianne Watterson Campus Activities Office
Community Service Standards Form