COVID-19 Semester Calendar

Welcome to CAB's Event Calendar: COVID-19 Edition 

Throughout the calendar, you will see some reoccurring events/posts. Here's what they mean!

  1. Weekly Newsletter (on Instagram and Facebook): Each week, on Monday, CAB will post a newsletter highlighting our events for the upcoming days. In each newsletter, you will also find some motivation (whether it be a quote or study tip), a virtual engagement website, CAB updates, and a weekly challenge. 
    1. Students who participate in the weekly challenge will be entered to win a from a local St. Peter business. 
  2. "This or That" (on Instagram): With the weekly newsletter, CAB will also post on their Instagram a new graphic of "This or That." Students will then have the ability to screenshot the graphic and show whether they like one thing over the other on their own Instagram stories. Here are some of our past ones:
    1. Gustie Edition
    2. Gustie Traditions
    3. Gustie Sports and Music
  3. Cabbie Feature (on Instagram and Facebook): Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, CAB will be featuring one of its executive board members on social media. This will be a chance for you to get to know the "Cabbies" and what their roles on the board are. 
  4. Cabbie Instagram Takeover: Every Tuesday, one "Cabbie" will be taking over our Instagram stories to share more about themselves and how they are surviving during this quarantine. 
  5. Favorite Apps or Life Hacks (on Instagram and Facebook): On Fridays, CAB will post a graphic with a new life hack or app to check out. Sometimes, CAB members will go live to share more about their favorite app.

Specific event details can be found in the weekly outlines (see below).

May 18th - May 29th

Monday, May 18th: a new Weekly Newsletter and "This or That."

  • Hobby Art Contest: share a picture of a project you made out of non-traditional craft items (legos, knitting, up-cycled clothing, door decs, etc.) with CAB and be entered to win a gift card from a local St. Peter business. 

Tuesday, May 19th: Katie A. will be taking over the CAB Instagram!

Wednesday, May 20th: CAB will be hosting an online game of charades. Come play with your friends and win prizes.

  • Zoom Link: coming soon

Thursday, May 21st (Reading Day): We will be posting mindfulness activities for all of you to try while getting ready for finals.

Friday, May 22nd: cabbies will be sharing their favorite finals tips. 

May 23rd-29th: Gusties, good luck on all the finals you may have, and have a great summer! 

  • The 2019-2020 CAB Executive Board wants to thank all of you for coming to our virtual events and supporting us during these weird times. 
  • The 2020-2021 CAB Executive Board already has a TON of Fall events planned for the Gustavus Community and they are still planning! Get ready for a full and fun Fall CAB schedule! 

COVID-19 Calendar for 05/18-05/29