Total Singer Workshop

August 3–5, 2012

The Total Singer Workshop is an intensive three-day learning experience for voice professionals and students based on the work of lisa Popeil. It outlines the innovative Voiceworks® Method with an emphasis on the pedagogy of popular voice technique, commercial styles, and belting. Expect an in-depth analysis of American vocal styles including Pop, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Country, Opera, Operetta, and Musical Theater, “legit” and “belting.”

Fundamental skills of voice knowledge and mastery include: posture, support, breathing, registers, range/timbre, vocal fold closure, vertical laryngeal positioning, and resonance. Ingredients of vocal styles include dialects, emotions, stylisms, resonator shapes, and vibrato types.

Voiceworks® Method & Pedagogy of Styles

The Voiceworks® Method has been developed over a 45-year period and is intended as a concise, understandable approach to the training of the singing voice in all styles and for speech beautification. It is used enthusiastically around the world through the ‘Total Singer’ instructional DVD (