Summer Speech Institute

GAC-SSI Rules of Engagement

A violation of the following will get you sent home at your parents/guardians’ expense:

  1. Smoking or other use of tobacco
  2. Drinking alcohol
  3. Drug use
  4. Cohabiting in unassigned rooms
  5. Damaging of library materials
  6. Damaging College property
  7. Threatening others verbally or physically
  8. Violating dorm curfew
  9. Leaving campus without staff permission
  10. Using a cell phone during lecture or practice sessions

Life In The Dorm

  1. Be respectful to other men and women. We assume that most people are attending GAC-SSI to improve as a speaker. If this is not true for you, DO NOT make it difficult for others to sleep or work. If you are a problem, consequences will result.
  2. You should be on your dorm floor at 10:30 pm and in your rooms and have lights out at 10:45 pm, unless noted on the schedule. It is imperative that you get adequate sleep. Failure to arrive on time each morning will not be tolerated.
  3. Please respect dorm property, hallways and lounges. Should you make a mess, clean it up immediately. I know the head custodian very well, and trust me; you DO NOT want to upset her!
  4. You may be on the dorm floor of the opposite sex from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
  5. Should you lose your dorm key(s), you will be responsible for paying to replace the key(s) at $100 per key!

Classroom Buildings

  1. Please be respectful of non-Institute persons who may be working in offices, labs, and/or classrooms.
  2. Rooms must be reasonably clean at all times. We do not want to create an impression of being messy.
  3. No liquid is allowed in cans—only in bottles with screw tops. Should you spill something, clean it up immediately.
  4. Buildings will be locked at 11:00 pm.

GAC-SSI staff will strictly enforce the above policies. Failure to comply with GAC-SSI policies will result in a friendly reminder and even a not so friendly second reminder. Failure to correct a behavior will result in being sent home at your parents/guardians’ expense. A serious initial infraction could result in immediate removal.