Full Tuition Scholarships

Gustavus Show Choir Camp

The Summer Academic Enrichment Program will provide stipends on a first-come, first-serve basis, to cover all tuition expenses to attend the Gustavus Show Choir Camp during the summer of 2016. Applicants must be a resident of Minnesota. Stipends will only be provided for students who actually attend the program. I encourage you to apply by March 31st!

Students must apply for a stipend from the Summer Academic Enrichment Program by submitting the following:

  1. Show Choir Camp registration form located at gustavus.edu/camps/showchoir
  2. $100 deposit—the deposit will be refunded only if the student attends the summer academic program.
  3. Documentation verifying the student does meet the income qualifications for free or reduced price lunches.
  4. Since our program serves students in grades 9-12, I will also need to collect documentation that the student has earned at least an overall “C” average or its equivalent for the most recently recorded academic term (semester/ quarter/ trimester) or have earned at least a “C” average or its equivalent for the most recently recorded academic term in the subject area of Performing Arts.

Students will only be allowed to receive funds to attend one enrichment program during the summer of 2016. Please send documentation to the below address.

I look forward to working with you this summer!

Amy J. Brown
Summer Programs Coordinator
Gustavus Adolphus College
800 West College Avenue
Saint Peter, MN 56082
507.933.6034  / ajbrown@gustavus.edu